Monday, April 21, 2008

What the heck!

Had been to Mookambika (Mungabinga in Sonny boy speak) for the aryilezhuthu ceremony of SIL's son. The wonderful train was 2 hours late going to, and 2 hours late coming back from, Mangalore. Dunno why the authorities can't change the timings accordingly. It would at least help people plan their day!!

One good thing was that we were able to sleep in till 8.30 or so- a luxury I have almost forgotten. But, since the whole day started not according to plan, rushed at 10, from the station to home, had a quick bath and reached office in a hurry by 12.30.
The stomach was rumbling inspite of the packet of murukku (the only thing we could find to eat at home) shared between hubby and me in the car. So when 1.30 came, told Housekeeping to get me two plates of curd rice for lunch.

'Erudu plate, madam?" she asked me.
"Oudhu," I replied, not looking up from the laptop, where I was busy reading blogs.

"Alli barthara madam? Illa illiye thagondu barabeka?"
(Are you coming to the canteen, or shall I bring it here to your seat?)
"Illi.." replied me, with a smile. (Here)

A pause.
Bere yaaru madam?
(Who else is joining?)
"Erudum nange. Belege nashtha madilla, athukke.. "replied me with a broader smile.
(Both are for me, I didn't have breakfast in the morning.)

A bigger pause. An embarassed smile. A look around the office.
Madam, onthu naan platalli hakkthini. Mathonthu naan packetliye thagond barthini. Dhristi agathe, athukke.
(Madam, I'll put one onto a plate and bring, the other I'll keep in a packet. People will cast an evil eye.)
And giving me a swift smile, she vanished to bring me the two servings of curd rice.

You should see the said curd rice, people! Quite sad! Dhrishti indeed! !!
But maybe she didn't mean the curd rice, she meant my Kumbakarni stomach? Boo! Hoo! Hoo! Are two plates of curd rice such a big deal? I just finished them both!


Daisy said...

Curd rice is my vice.. a big addiction I should say- hubby doesnt understand it.. if I go without it for more than a week, I start to get cranky :)

you go gurl.. just eat what you want..

Usha said...

eradu plate nodidare dhrishti aaganthantha!
They should see my plate when I eat!
keep some cornflakes etc at home na, for such contingencies - BAD girl, missing breakfast!

Just Like That said...
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Just Like That said...

Daisy: I LOVE curd rice too! Curd rice and greens and fish were my staple diet while growing up. Out of which only curd rice still remains. :-( Am definitely not going to let that slip out too... :-)

Usha: LOL! what I thought too. But hubby between guffaws says- look at it this way - she has your well being at heart. :-D

WhatsInAName said...

My pooooaaa girl! Curd rice is surely a bliss! 2 plates is nothing but then you can never know who casts an evil eye! So goo thing she packed one for you :)