Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy happy...

Was tagged by Asha for the things that make me happy. Now this is an easy tag, and a very happy tag too..

-Sonny boy can make my heart brim with happiness - every single day. Like I said, he's our biggest blessing from God.

-Not too long back, children I met while going about work /life didn't really register. But now, an uneven totter of a baby, an exasperated interchange between a toddler and his/her parent all make me smile.

- Dogs, any kind , anywhere can make me happy. Especially if I get a wag and a lick from them.

- Procrastination sometimes does make me happy too. Like when I forget to claim my conveyance for more than 3 months and then get a windfall the 4th month :-D

- A good book can make me happy, even if it makes me sad. You understand, right?

- Ditto for good movies/songs, tho' not to the same extent.

- Going to my home in Kerala makes me happy, even tho' it does not make the husband particularly ecstatic.

- Driving makes me happy too, in pleasant weather.... especially if there's a nice song on FM.

- Its very very rarely that I take up something like painting/drawing, stitching etc now, but when I do manage to complete it, I feel very happy.

- Cooking a simple, homely, tasty meal makes me happy, yes. Especially if I don't have to clean up afterwards.

-Blogging in peace without the husband nagging or work intruding - both make me feel guilty- makes me very happy indeed

-A weekend can make me very happy indeed, in the middle of this busy balancing act between home and work.

-And chocolate is my all time favourite- anybody wanting to make me happy can just give me a chocolate!

Tagging- Kodi's Mom, DotMom, Dipali, Moppet's-Candyfloss-Mom

Come on, what's your happiness quotient?


Candyfloss said...

Nice, nice - but did you not read my post on happiness=chocolate? Very bad! ;-)

Swati said...

Going home and blogging in peace makes me more than happy :)

Asha said...

Chocolates? Yes, of course.

Just Like That said...

MM (CF): I did read :-D very remiss of me to forget.

Swati, Asha: Yup!

dipali said...

I think I'd done this a while ago-Yup- March 13th: Happiness is....
You don't want me to do it again,do you?

Just Like That said...

Dipali: LOL! I think I'm going to stop tagging people from now on. Things is I take up my tags so late, everybody in blogdom has already done it! :-D

WhatsInAName said...

if "Cooking a simple, homely, tasty meal makes you happy", EATING a simple, homely, tasty meal makes me happy :P

Lets try to make each other happy :P