Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the V tag

Swati tagged me to write on the first five things I do when I come back home... One of the easiest peasiest tags i have ever done...

1. Dump. Whatever it is I have in my hands. Car keys on top of the TV. Laptop bag on the sofa (this never fails to irritate the husband, btw :-D) Hand bag on the dining table. (this also irritates him sometimes, tho it never occurs to him that he keeps his watch, his wallet, his bills, his mail, his credit card slips, his loose change, ALL!!!!!! on the dining table and he 's not the one who clears it before dinner either. Shopping bags in the bedroom.

2. Then its Sonny boy's turn to ask "What Amma got for me?" and rifle thru my handbag. Or the shopping bags. So Acha and Amma daily try to impress on Sonny boy that he will not get a toy every time Amma or Acha step out of the house. A lesson that's never learnt, for the next time we come back from a trip without him, its back again to "What Amma got for me?" (Interestingly enough, its rarely "What Acha got for me..") Hugs and cuddles follow, unless Tom is chasing Jerry on Cartoowokkok.

3. If it is before 7.30, the husband might ask the wife for a cup of tea, and this MIGHT send the wife off to the kitchen muttering to herself about how SHE is always the one who has to make the tea, tho' BOTH of them have been working the whole day. Sometimes (make that most times for the last year- who will wash the b****y vessels?) she refuses to do so and this is enough to start a cold war that the Chinese could take lessons from. Note that when the husband does make tea those times, it is always microwaved tea bag tea, not the milk and tea leaves and strainer tea.

4. There used to be homework for Sonny boy to be done, tho' now its vacation time, there's no pressure on work as such. I try and make him talk to me about his day, but that's something I've been trying to do from the time he could talk, without much success. We watch TV if the husband will keep from flipping 20 channels in 5 min. Gah! Or I side with Sonny boy in wanting Cartoon Network/Pogo/Hungama TV on TV. Sigh!

5. Get dinner ready.. which is a laborious process.. remember all those things lying on the table..? High time I taught Sonny boy to clear and lay the table for dinner. Dinner just has to be heated up, for I cook lunch (for Sonny boy)and dinner in the morning.. A simple meal mostly of rice, a curry, a varavu, curd and papad. Occasionally I whisk up an an omelette or scramble eggs. I grumble if I have to make chappaties on a working day.

Well, that's it. This is almost the routine I follow on a daily basis. Now that Suma (not Thinking Aloud) is there, things are going to change, I guess, but its not a very welcome change, except for not having to wash up after dinner. And yeah, someone who knows N Indian and S Indian cuisine will surely know to make simple chappaties..?

In turn, I tag,
Suki, HGMom, and Maggie.


Suma said...

hee..hee...for the last para...

you do too much...dearie, u need to learn te art of emtional blackmail..

i've do this tag too..and ure tag and....gawd!!!

Suma said...

btw...absent minded me completely forgot to inform u that u have been tagged...

see it here

i would love to see the JLT touch here...

~nm said...

Boy! You survived so long without a maid!!! I would have given up max in a week!

So you should get one big award for that!!

S.Praveen said...

haha :) glad this was'nt the scene in my home as I grew up. My dad used to get up as early as 4:30 am to cook breakfast and lunch with my mom before both left to work (I am talking of the 80s here). I surely have taken that lesson from my dad but when I will put that to practice is a different issue. :)

Oh yea just wait till Sonny Boy throws his shoes under the centre table/dining table his socks under the bed and u run around helter skelterlooking for his classworks and home works...didnt u say hes his Achas son? :D

Suma said...

did ure tag, take a look

Something to Say said...

Oh I know how a cup of tea made and given in your hand feels - like heaven....... havent had that experience in years (4.5 to be precise - since the day I was married) - except when i am at my moms - and sis in law and mom pamper me crazzeeee.... :)

dipali said...

Did you find your bedroom keys?

My husband of decades now makes tea on Sunday evenings, but it is always a big production- some goading and plenty of praise are required!

I got tired reading about your day:)
Hope Suma is good to you.

Daisy said...


Noodlehead said...

hey, you do way too much work!!! i'm just wondering how it'll be when sonny boy will be old enough to make his contributions to the knick knacks on the dining table :D

Yaay for Suma. I dunno how you managed without a maid!!

Usha said...

Hey girl, you do work really hard and how do you manage to be so cheerful all the time. Stay like this forever. God bless you.
What is varavu?

artnavy said...

that sounds pretty hectic !!

amusing that kids always expect us to bring stuff for them when we come back from work

Swati said...

another easy peasy tag waiting

Mama - Mia said...


wow!! you really do a lot!! now i EXPECT M to usually make subzi and i make dal! chapatis are made by Amma, they arent the best, but hey mine are no better and it takes up too much time and energy!

and after all that you manage top laugh!! LOVED listening to your laughter!! :)



WhatsInAName said...

Its May 10!
Long time no Post!
Too much house-hunting is injurious for the blog :P

Just Like That said...

Suma: :-( I guess I do. Right now, direct confrontation is what I do, with no progress whatsoever,except for higher BPs on both sides.:-)
and that tag of yours- I 've been waiting for a time when I'm relatively not that mad with the husband. maybe some time soooon...:-D

~Nm: I do, don't I ?:-D

s.praveen: Yikes! Yeah, he's his Acha's son alright. But recently, someone told me about being nature and nurture. I hope to be able to nurture those genes away.:-D In another 15 yrs, I'll let you know the outcome.:-D

STS : Its verrrrry nice to have you out here..:-) I dunno abiut that heaven, but I'm sure not having to make a cuppa tea after you come back from work is pretty close to it.. Hope Momma and kiddos (one out, the other in) are doing fine.

Dipali:I finally did find my keys!! after one day of leaving ht ehouse all open..
yea, tell me all abt tea production..
and sigh! :-( Sumitra is far from my idea of a girl Friday.The 3500/-is beginning to pinch. Hard.

Daisy: :-) Been there, done that..

Noodlehead: I do, don't I?Will tell you all bout it, if I can manage to get my two bits in, you know when and where..:-D

Usha: Varavu is the mallu equivalent of poriyal..? I doubt my husband would second you on that cheerful bit. He tells me I've lost my sense of humour. he would too, if he had a husband like mine, is what I tell him.:-D

Art: It does sound pretty hectic, but somehow the days fell into a routine...of work and cribbing about the work.:-) I AM glad I have got someone now..

Swati: the blog has been getting the step motherly treatment for some time now.. Will remedy that ..

Mama Mia: Hold on to M. A husband who does what you expect in the kitchen. Wow! He's a gem!:-D An unqualified one.
Thnaks for the laugh thingie. :-)
do try and make it next week.

WIAN : :-D Yeah, the blog has been lying injured for quite some time.. will bandage it up:-)

Daisy said...

JLt- I know you are busy elsewhere ;) :).. but time for a post na

Anamika said...

Hey ..

I have been reading ur blog for quite some time along with other momma blogs..
I saw ur comment on moppets moms blog that u had a baby at 33 contrary to all other mommas who had their first baby in their late twenties…

We are also thinking of delaying our first baby for next 4-5 years and I wanted to know if you had any problems ( physical/health-wise and also qns family/frnds wise) when u decided to have ur baby late …
Can u do a post on that ;-)

Anyways u have never written about life before sonny boy ( except ur engagement story ) or sonny boy’s initial years …


Something to Say said...

hey where are u??? havent posted for a while now. all ok?

Just Like That said...

Daisy : Busy? Me?? Where??? :-D Aahh!! at work you mean? ;-)

Anamika: welcome to my blog.
we did have loads of nosies wanting to know why we'd not had a baby yet. But other than that, there were thanks-be-to-God, no problems healthwise bceause of the age factor. I did have probs with a lowered placenta and was advised bedrest after 5 months, but by the 7th month, it was back up halleluja, and I went on to have a normal delivery.

But only one thing- stamina wise, I do wish I'd had Sonny boy when I was about 26!!!
yeah, i haven't done a birth story post, :-) will do it sometime soon. maybe along with the second ;-)
Thanks for delurking. :-)

STS: as ok as its ever been. but it can definitely get better ;-)