Tuesday, June 9, 2009

health issues.

There was an ingrown toenail
who lived in neglect for some years.
Decided he'd had enough of the neglect
and could do with some attention...

So it started-
an occasional prod, a poke
and when attention was still found wanting,
white hot needles were pressed into action...

Remonstrances and restraints were tried
Strong doses of them in vain,
the decision was made
If necessary.

Guys, HALP!
Going to see the doc about my toe nail, which is come off on one side, digging into for dear life on the other.
My toe hurts, but am sure the hurt will be nothing compared to what will be if it has to come off.

Pls send up a prayer. Or two. Or MANY.
Am sure in need of it. Brrr!

Edited to add:

Saw two docs. Both said to remove.
But right now, its inflamed and infected, so have to wait for that to subside before they can remove it.

On Mon, 15th June, Sonny Boy starts school and I go off to hospital to have my toenail removed. The doc was a good guy, explained the procedure very concisely.
Yup, they will give me local. They will poke one needle into the right and another into the left side of my poor big toe.
Then when its nice and numb, will pull out the nail and cauterize the roots on two ends so that whatever grows back will grow narrower.
Apparently my nail was too big for my nail bed, which is why the problem arose. (So now you know that not only should you not grow too big for your boots, you should also not grow too big for your beds. Else- OUT is the way for you.)

Also, please to not cut your nails into a curve. CUT IT FLAT ACROSS THE TOP. Will ensure that the nails grow the way they are supposed to - straight and not curving inside.

I will have to rest my toe for 4-5 days, after which the good doc says I 'll be fine. I sure hope so too.

Thanks for the good wishes, guys, and keep my pore ol' toe in your thoughts on the 15th.


Rohini said...


Gauri said...

OMG ! That sounds painful !! Achha btw - even if the toenail does have to come out - won't teh good doc give you a local ?

Hugs ! and yes, prayers will definitely be sent.

Poppins said...

For a minute when you said "My toe hurts, but am sure the hurt will be nothing compared to what will be if it has to come off."
I thought the toe has to come off. Obviously not right? Right?

Good lord, on top of whatever else you have to do a bleddy toenail as well! Sending up multiple prayers!

Swati said...

ohh..what did doc say ? I will send loads of prayers :(

Mama - Mia said...

lotsa prayers and hugs being send you way!! hope the ordeal is over and done with it!



WhatsInAName said...

oh me good Lord!
hum toe aise hain bhaiya! Will send a prayer right away while you can reciprocate by doing the same for me! I am due for a root canal in all probability :-(

Just Like That said...

Ro: :-(

Gauri : Thanks. Yup, local is involved, but I keep remembering my Mom who had to have her tooth removed. She had to have two shots of local before she finally didn't feel anything. I was with her, and so I begged the Doc to wait. But in this case, I will be alone in the OT, or wherever it is they take toenails out. :-( What if I have my Mom's genes? and one dose of local isn't enough? :-((

Poppons: Thankyoo! Sure need the prayers.

Swati, Mama Mia: Doc said can't remove it while the toe is inflamed/infected, so have to wait for a week on antibiotics, and will finally get it done coming Mon. Thanks for the prayers.:-)

MIN: Where had you disappeared, sweetie? Welcome back!:-) And yeah, prayers will be interchanged. :-)When is yours? root canal, eh? Both are ouch cases!

Mama - Mia said...

good to read the edit! well sorta!! am sure it will be smoooth!


Suma said...

ouch, ouch and ouch...

15th you say? done!havee asked the good lord to spare a thought for you :)

take care,