Friday, June 12, 2009

It was the most delightful surprise

bumping into a fellow blogger last week at Sonny boy's school.

Had to go to school to pay up the fees and stuff and also to meet up with Sonny boy's new Godess-Who-Knows-It-All/Who Can't-Go-Wrong- his teacher for the current year. She promises to be as nice as the earlier one. And while I was smiling and informing her of her Goddess status, she laughed and said she had to compete with the same thing at hoome- with her son's teacher.
We had a nice time talking, submitted all the things that had to be submitted, gathered all the things that had to be taken with us, and then it was time to leave.

Downstairs, I was waiting in line to pay the fees, when a petite, pretty Mom whom I'd noticed earlier too, while buying shoes, came up to me with a tentative smile and asked, "excuse me, are you 'my name"?"
I had noticed her, but I certainly didn't know her, how did she know me...? "Yeah", I replied confusedly, with a doubtful smile.

At that, the grin widened and she said, "I'm DDMom"
And the surroundings dissolved as we grinned at each other broadly!

I shoved the cheque book into the husband's (who was looking on perplexedly)hands, and we yakked and yakked.

It was so so nice to meet her so very unexpectedly.

I had not been reading her (and some other old favourites too- cos I mucked up bigtime with my blogroll, and lost their ids) for some time, but she was an old favourite and the name DDMom registered immediately.
You know, DDmom, Rbdans was more like how I thought of you!

Turns out she lives quite close to where I stay. Small world, isn't it?

She knew me by my grin, she said. (And to think I just did a post on that some time back!) And once she thought that it MIGHT be me, she just HAD to ask, even if she might be wrong. Am so glad you did, DDmom.

Inspite of the fact that I haven't read her in almost a year, and she said she's been pretty erratic too, we still got on so well. Unfortunately I had to get back to sign the cheque and she had already finished with all her stuff, so we had to say au revoir too soon.

So now, of all my old blogpals, I have met WIAN, Udtahaathi, ~Nm, MadMomma, Suki, Poppins, Bmom, Aargee, Swati, Kiran, Mama Mia, CoS, Compulsive Dreamer, Vidooshak, ... and DDmom.
14 of them.
I did meet Monica and Pixie at BMom's baby shower, but we didn't really yak.
Missed Art earlier this week, and Chox too.
Who next, I wonder?


Smitha said...

JLT - You are lucky to have met so many of your blogging pals !

WhatsInAName said...

i remember that twas your grin that gave you away when we met and the second time we could identify you across a few meters thanks to the wide smile :-)
Keep smiling girl! we need more of people like you
BTW what is DDMoms blog link? I lost it too

S.Praveen said...

She identified u from ur grin?? And you have'nt met before? thats interesting :D *grins*

Suma said...

who next?

i wonder too!


Swati said...

How can you miss my name ???? HOW HOW HOW ???

:-) Beautiful coincidence indeed !

Best of luck is your D day

Mama - Mia said...


now thats one coincidence!! damn cool!! lets all meet once again too, eh?! :)


Just Like That said...

Smitha: yeah, it was good fun meeting them all.:-)


S Praveen: I was zapped too, but turned out she'd seen a pic of mine from one of our earlier blog meets. :-D We're not TOTALLY magical ;-)

Suma: You coming down when, girl? you next? :-D

Swati: how how how indeed?!!!! :-( I KNEW there was someone I'd missed, was thinking it must've been from Bmom's baby shower. *running off to edit the post* Thanks for the thought- am sitting with my bandaged toe at home and I'm relatively OK.:-)

Just Like That said...

Mama Mia: It was SUCH a coincidence, wasn't it?

DDmom said...

Wanted to blog about this too.. But flu took over our household, every single of us. Kids back to school, sanity regains bit by bit..

It was fun, no? Totally out of context, to meet a blogger in school :) I crossed you couple of times, every time subconsciously thinking, that you were looking gorgeous in that saree.. And there I had rushed to schoool with not even a moisturizer on the face. And then something stuck.. Your smile..

Am I glad I gathered enough guts to barge in and ask..

Just Like That said...

LOL! Thanks, but the 'gorgeous' doesn't-need-to-be-ironed sari was on, cos I couldn't put my hurting toe nail thru the legs of my trousers!! And I'd already exhausted all my salwars during the office week.
Me sooo glad you asked too!:-D Hope we bump into each other more often. Your nephew staying the school year?

Collection Of Stars said...

That must have been a wonderful surprise no?
Let me tell you again, your smile is not something which can be missed nor can be forgotten. You have the loveliest and the warmest smile :)

AMIT said...

Yeah i know there was a blogger's meeting.So u r lucky to attend that.

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Kodi's Mom said...

what a chance meet, must have been so nice!