Wednesday, June 24, 2009

of football clubs and raaahu kaalams.

My Mom has these podikai's as we call it in Malayalam. These shortcuts. Some of them are quite quaint.

Like this one.

As you know, there is this concept of raahu kaalam, which is basically an inauspicious time to embark on anything good. Exams, interviews, joining a new job, going on a long journey, getting operated upon... for all these, raahu kaalam was looked into and avoided, as much as possible.

While we were younger, we used to consult the good 'ol Manorama or Mathrubhoomi calendar for the time of 'raahu kaalam' But looking up the calendar was not always possible, especially if we were not at home. Then, we used to make a call to good 'ol Mom and she never failed us.

Her method was simple- just a little sentence- eleven boys had a good football club. We would hear her mutter this seemingly silly sentence and fiddle with her fingers, and a few seconds later, she would pronounce the raahu kaalam!

It never failed to intrigue us. And when we were younger, she maintained that it was magic. But now she's let her grown daughter into the magic.

And I'm giving it to you guys- for the fun of it, as well as for you to put to good use if you want to. For, eleven boys have a good football club never fails!

Here goes..

Eleven boys have a good football club.

7 days of the week, stating with Mon, and 7 letters in 'eleven boys have a good football club'.

Today being Wed, lets take it that you want to find the raahu kaalam on Wed.

Wed is the third day of the week.

Third word in 'eleven boys have a good football club' is HAVE. Take the first letter of the word, which is H.

Count up to H on your fingers.

You get 8, right? Halve it. You get 4, right?

Add 8+4. You get 12.

Bingo! You have the start of raahu kaalam. It lasts for one and a half hours, so you have raahu kaalam on Wed from 12 noon to 1.30pm.

Try it guys, and have fun!


Artnavy said...
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Artnavy said...

there is another trick way-

something like this-
mother saw father wearing a turban slowly on sunday

mother- monday,
sa- on

u need to know only the that each day raahu kalam is at 1.5 hr intervals and also on mondays it starts at 7.30 am

WhatsInAName said...

this is so so easy :-) thanks sweetheart for sharing !
btw hope you toe is back to normal and no more ouches :-)

Gauri said...

I've heard of the "mother saw father ...." too :).

It makes me wonder as to why only Rahu is singled out for such special treatment.

Why not Ketukalam and Shanikalam and Gurukalam and the like ???? :D

Suma said...

that's neat, jlt!

not that i'm going to try it, but i could impress a few people :)

hope you are toeing the ground properly!

Just Like That said...

Art: I didn't know THIS! So what's Fri? father? and Thurs??

WIAN: You're welcome! Knew u'd like this :-D Toe is better.

Gauri: True, true...

Suma: Me heeling the ground properly now... do post- could do with some laughs.

aargee said...

yeah..even i have heard of " MOther SAw Father WEaring THe TUrban Slowly"

Just remember for mondays its 7.30 - 9
then keep continuing for the other days

MOTHER - MOnday - 7.30 - 9
SAw - SAturday - 9 - 10.30
Father - Friday - 10.30 - 12
WEaring - WEdneday - 12 - 1.30
THe - THursday - 1.30 - 3
TUrban - TUesday - 3 - 4.30
Slowly - Sunday - 4.30 - 6

hillgrandmom said...

Hi! Came here from Usha's (Ageless Bonding)blog. My mother some other rhyme, which began 'Mother saw father'(can't remember the rest) Now that she's no more, we have to look at the calendar, since I never bothered to learn her mnemonic.

Mama - Mia said...

whow!! coming from a family who refused to believe in existance of such stuff, this is quite a different thing! :D

ofcos with my terrible skills, i just cant do maths for Fun! ;)

but had fun reading this nonetheless!



Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! That's cool.

Mystic Margarita said...

Really? I had no clue you can calculate aupicious/inauspicious time this way. Thanks for sharing :)

Sumana said...

That is very helpful JLT. Easier then bugging the mommies.

Shivaja said...

Thats cool.....never knew this! BTW I joined engg college during Rahu kaalam (I came to know later from a muslim friend who was taken for the interview by a hindu professor of the college - their family friend- who was particular abt Rahu kalaam).

Just Like That said...

Argee: Ah! Thanks. :-) But guess I'm used to the football club now...

Hillgrandmom: Welcome to my blog. :-) and now you have both mnemonics.

Mama Mia: Luckily, I learnt to think of this as magic rather than Math. Which is very imp! If it had registered as Math, I would never have learnt it!! :-P Me no like Math either:-D

Cos : I can't tell you how cool it was, till we were let into the magic.

Mystic: You're welcome! :-)

Sumana: Yup. :-)

Shivaja: Don't let it bother you now. TONS of people go about their lives without caring two hoots about rahu kaalam. Much like how so many people get married without matching horoscopes. And the ones who have PERFECTLY matched ones, sometimes come to grief. It all depends on you. Sorry fo the long comment, and welcome to my blog. :-)

Shivaja said...

yeah.......didnt match my horoscope either ;) met him at college and we decided we matched....unlike poles attract! If u wanna know more read me at rediff.

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