Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Diana and the Phantom

The other day, my husband's gmail chat status message read: "I know a woman who drives the Phantom"

It evoked fond memories of the handsome Phantom and the curvaceous Diana and dear Devil and the kids and Rex, and Guran and.... Both of us love the Phantom comics, and there are hardly any available today, except dog-eared ones with pages missing or untidily drawn upon..
I wondered what had made the husband suddenly remember Phantom....

Was rudely shaken out of the misunderstanding today. When the Acha slobbered over a BMW and a Cayenne we saw on our way to work today. When I realised that he meant he literally knew a woman who 'drove' a Phantom. From the Rolls Royce stable, I think he said.

Bah! Cars do NOT set my blood on fire.

Men!!! Do they ever outgrow their toys?


Smitha said...

LOL! Trust men to think of cars!!!!

Gauri said...

(sigh) Indrajal Comics :)))) those were teh days JLT, those were the days :)

Also Mandrake and Bahadur - the works basically.

Gee - I miss Indrajal Comics !!!!

Mama - Mia said...


but then the car Phantom is also droolworthy! no?! :D

and you should be happy he isnt drooling over the woman who owns the Phantom! ;)



Mystic Margarita said...

Lol! Probably not!

Sumana said...

Your post was so nostalgic. I loved those too.

S.Praveen said...

No! we will continue to madly love our first love- CARS!!!! :D
ketto chechi :P

Just Like That said...

Smitha: Seriously!! :-D

Gauri : Those were the days, indeed. :-)

Mama Mia: To be honest, I hadn't known till then that there was a car called Phantom. *shamefaced*

Mystic: :-)

Sumana: Me too. :-)

Praveen: Kettu, kettu. :-D and kaanunnu at home too. You boys!

udtahaathi said...

Never. Women drool over diamonds, men on cars and on women who drool over diamonds.

Shivaja said...

Ohhhhhhhh the lovely Diana and Phantom! So romantic. I still have a collection of phantom comics and my kids (both adults now) never tire of thanking me for the collection I made when I started earning while my colleagues teased me for buying comics like a kid! Recently I got a bound volume from an old newspaper wala for 30Rs! Like my daughter commented "who could give away these comics, but then we are lucky!" She has mentioned on her orkut "If someone wants to give away Phantom comics please let me know"!

Shivaja said...

And yessssss cars do not set my blood on fire too ....hubbys gonna buy me a new car and he is very angry that I am the least interested which one to choose!!! Something that rolls on the road I say:P

Just Like That said...

UH: :-)

Shivaja: HUbby n I have been searching all the second hand stores for those gems, but we've not yet been able to find a non-mutilated one.. :-(

LOL at the one that rolls! Sacrilege saying that to the husband! :-D

Ann Dee said...

Hey, my hubby and I love Phantom too. Guess what, this time in his birthday, it was Phantom, Calvin and Supandi comics (besides sci-fi novels)....and we've been hogging on them ever since.

But sad thing is the prices have shot up unimaginably. Phantom was for 200, Calvin for 500something and only Supandi (being Indian poor fella, I guess) was reasonable at 30.