Monday, July 27, 2009

Free, free, all free!

I love it when the seasons come to an end.
Why, you ask?
Why, because of the end-of-season sales!
Its a different matter that these days seasons are ending all year round!

In B'lore Benetton is having a sale, Central is having a sale, Pantaloon is having a sale, Westside is having a sale, Shoppers Stop just finished theirs, (or is it still on?)...... loads to choose from.

So this weekend sale hopping is what we did.

Bought sarees, contacts, coffee mugs, Ben 10 bubble blowers and then finally landed at Central where the Happiness sale was on.
Rushed about evaluating the 20%s and the 30%s and the 40%s.....!
The buy one-get ones, the buy two-get ones and the buy two-get twos.....!!

The Happiness was infectious. Sonny boy came galloping up with his balloons.
Amma, come here! This place is Buy one, Take 50 free!!!
He'd seen one of Central's placards placed all over saying upto 51% off.

Sigh! If only, Sonny boy, if only….!!!

What takes the cake is the Acha's disgusted remark on mother-daughter shopping habits.
“The two of you shop like you're tourists! Swarming all over the place! Why can’t you just buy what you want and get it over with?”

And not know what all you missed? No way!


Suma said...

have fun gal, and don't listen to him..better still leave him at a coffee shop and yenjoy! :D

WhatsInAName said...

Men will never understand the ecstasy and the peak of happiness got from that 4 letter word ;-) I meant SALE !
Oh i go berserk too. But this time i decided to give it a miss :-( i just came back loaded from my south trip. some sarees still lay unopened
You go girl enjoy

Mama - Mia said...

i never find what i like in sales! err.. make it what fits me! hehe! :p

even i should go to central! used to like that place once upon a time! :)

and everything HAS to be seen! obviously! :p


Sumana said...

LOL that was a funny remark. But how can we right???

AMIT said...

Oh so u enjoy shopping.

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Shivaja said...

Buy one take 50 free haha sonny boy we too wish they had such offers!