Thursday, July 30, 2009


6.50: Amma gets up
6.50-7: Acha and Sonny boy get up
7.02: Acha brushes Sonny boy's teeth
by 7.10: Amma boils milk, makes Bournvita for Sonny boy, tea for Acha and maid, decoction coffee for Ammamma and herself
till 7.25: Acha is to sit at the dining table and make Sonny boy drink Bournvita, but actually spreads the newspaper on said table and reads it while sipping tea made by his wife.
by 7.30: Sonny boy makes potty
by 7.40: Amma washes his bum, gives him his bath, gets him dressed, makes him eat min 1 idli, max 2 idlis...
while Acha gets the snacks into the lunchbox
7.40-7.45: Sonny boy says Hi/Bye to the Gods, Acha puts on Sonny boy's shoes, makes him drink a glass of water

and he's off!!!!! The Acha takes him down to the bus.

You notice that it takes 15 min for Sonny boy to drink milk while it takes max 10 min for him to have his bath, eat and get dressed.

Every day it pisses me off that its me(from the kitchen, in between my job) who has to take inititative in shouting at Sonny boy to drink the G*****N milk. While the Acha who sits RIGHT next to him JUST DOESN'T NOTICE IT.

What is it with these men????? Gah!

Hearing me shout at him in a voice fit to kill (lesser mortals than my son and husband), all the Acha will do is utter a token
"Sonny boy, haven't you finished your milk yet?"
This without even raising his eyes from the blasted newspaper.*

To which obviously Sonny boy gives as much heed as the cockroaches in my house do to Hit/Baygon/Lakshman Rekha.

Some days the Acha does his share of shouting, but this is only after Amma maintains a controlled silence till 7.30 and the Acha finds the silence abnormal and raises his head from the damn newspaper. By which time it is already late and the Amma will have to treble her shouting for the next 10 minutes, adding a few smacks for good measure.

The Ammamma is going off this weekend, and come next Mon, yours truly will have to do the boiling of milk, and the making of whatever breakfast before say nothing of making lunch too by 8.15.

The Acha and I are due for some serious talking/arguing. And maybe I better make an appointment with my doctor. For blood pressure control.

Edited to add:
My crib with the Acha is not that he doesn't do things, (he DOES. A lot of things on my requesting him, that maybe other dads wouldn't, and I do appreciate that in him) but that he doesn't think it his responsibility to do it. I need to keep requesting him...
He thinks it is MY responsibility to do certain things (feeding, teaching etc), while it is his to help out. That attitude is what galls me.
Also that I end up being bad cop most of the time, while he stays good cop most of the time.


Swati said...

Same old story dear ..all men think that they HELP in child care and house chores :(

Sumana said...

Same story here. But all they care is about the newspaper and the darn laptop all the time while we keep slogging our a++ everywhere. It is not a good scene in the mornings at our home when everyone has the urge to rush out and get out.
All the best and i am sure you will be doing a great job next week, but with a support system it takes off a little load for sure.

Mama - Mia said...

ah well! m mostly does stuff! once in a while "i am doing you a faour" tone comes up, but then i resolutely ignore it! :p

and in our case i am a proven bad cop and cubby would rather be with the good ones! so...



Collection Of Stars said...

Same story every school morning here. My BP rises and I scream and V just continues doing whatever. He then has to gal to actually lecture me about how not to shout at a small child. Bah!

Sunita said...

Ditto A-Z in this post. I get really irritated most days when he takes that tone of "doing me a favour". HUgs :)

Suma said...

there, ther, JLT...take a deep breath

and continue with teh hollering because they are never gonna get it!

Just Like That said...

Swati: :-(

Sumana: not a good scene is an understatement!! :-(

Mama Mia: I agree that I have a shorter temper than S, but then, I suspect that it is becos he just does not SEE things. and I just don't understand how these creatures (Men) can be so impervious to select things.

CoS: Bah indeed! Big big hugs!

Poppy: Galling isn't it? hugs to you too!

Suma: *taking deep breaths* Yours are older than mine....,and its No? absolutely no scope for improvement? :-(

WhatsInAName said...

Oh i am with Suma! Somethings will never change :-(

Poppins said...

Oops JLT. That was Sunita (of Sunita Thomas fame) Not that my comment would've been too different ;)

Just Like That said...

Hey Sunita: *waves a BIG hi* "twas YOU! Welcome back! This is what happens when you comment rarely :-)
Sorry for the identity misunderstanding. And now that I have you in my mind, HUGS to you, dear.How's the little little one?

Suchismita said...

The imagery is great and I agree that it is frustrating to be the one keeping watch. Sometimes though,it may be better than the husband keeping watch. They get obsessive and can drive you round the bend. :) So, as they say, be careful what you wish for, it just may come true!!

Shivaja said...

haha even after so many years I hear the same story. My days started at 4.30/5am while acha and sonny (Later dotter) slept.

Gayatri said...

Oh-My-God....Check this out babe

need I say more....