Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My heart is beating....

the other day, a distant relative passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

And then the next day, MJ passed away, and last weekend, in the evening, I was generally acquainting Sonny boy with all his music that I was playing on Utube.

Sonny boy: "Amma, what is this man's name?"
Me: "Michael Jackson, Sonny boy. He sings very well, doesn't he?"

I think Sonny boy was more inclined to think he danced superbly. But let me not digress.

Me: "He sang, actually. He's now dead, Sonny boy," I said solemnly. Not really thinking about what I said, engrossed in the music and absorbing the fact that there would be no more hits from Michael Jackson.

Sonny boy: "How did he die?"
Me: "Umm..... he had a heart attack." *gradually awakening to the conversation we were having...*
Sonny Boy: Heart attack is what?
Me: *Sigh!* "Heart attack is what happens when the heart stops beating , Sonny boy. And then you can't live any more.

I got up and we got busy with other matters.

That night, after the story was over and we were cuddling to sleep, Sonny boy lifted his head and suddenly laid it on my breast. And then he looked up at me with a smile

Sonny boy: "Amma, I can hear your heart go thup thup thup thup. It is not stopped. So you're not dead, no?"
Amma: *Hugging him close* No, Sonny boy, I am not dead."


Mama - Mia said...

awwww! what a sweetheart. kids remember and associate randomest of things! :)

god bless him!


Lavs said...

sonny boy is very cute...we think that kids do not listen to us..but they prove us wrong in strange situations..don't they?

Suma said...

awww...he just melts your heart.

now that's what happens when you speak matters of the heart to a boy!

WhatsInAName said...

looks like you had a hearty talk :-)
Kids of today are so smart and well they seem to absorb everything! We need to be careful i tell you :-)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

I think its always difficult to speak about such matters with the kids.. but then guess time teaches you to deal with the matters.. god bless!!

Collection Of Stars said...

KT actually saw my grandpa pass away right in front of her last Oct and was present throughout the funeral. She asked a lot of questions then and still does. They are always about how much she is missing my grandpa and when he will be back.
It's sad explaining about death to children :(

Just Like That said...

Mama mia, Lavs: what all thoughts go on in their little heads.. :-)

Suma, WIAN: Matters of the heart indeed.... I didn't think he'd dwell so much on it :-)

Scattered, CoS: Recently he saw his great Uncle and great grandmother pass away, both of whom were ailing for sometime before they passed away, and whom we'd been visiting regularly....and who he was fond of, esp the GGM. During her funeral we had a talk and I told him that God took away very very sick people to his home to take away all their hurt, and that now they were happy and healthy in God's home. So he's kind of ok with the fact, I think, that death is a welcome release sometimes.
But we hadn't gone into the whys and hows of death. and that it could occur to the not-so-old as well... its not an easy topic, anytime..

dipali said...

Such a poppet!

Swati said...


AMIT said...

You should not share somethings through which we get shocked with children.

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