Thursday, July 9, 2009

yayyyy! Am vindicated!

Sonny boy had been learning about families in school.
A mother who loves everyone
A father who has lots of fun (certainly have it down pat, don't they)
A sister who plays and works
A baby who's growing each day
A dog who chews a bone.

After singing me the song and after due rounds of applause and encore

Me: "Sonny boy, we don't have a sister. So maybe we aren't a family? (Yeah, I sometimes mess with him)
Sonny boy: *looks at me like I'm a total Suppandi*(remember that character in Tinkle who was such a blunderer?)"Silly!! This is about ANOTHER family. Not OUR family."
Me: "Oooh, ok."

Me: *Looking at gaining me a partner well in advance for dog requests to the husband* But Sonny boy, there's a dog also. Maybe we should get a dog..???
Sonny boy: But we already have Tinty!
(Tinty(Trinity) is Ammamma's Labrador that is at Kerala.)
Me: "Yeah, but Tinty is not here, and she's Ammamma's dog...."
Sonny boy: "That's ok, she's our dog also!"

Me: *Very very cautiously, for we don't want to be jumping into hidden potholes* "Sonny boy, there's a baby also. You think we should also have a baby?"
Sonny boy: "We already have one- K!" (my SIL's son, and his most loved enemy when it comes to sharing affections- material and otherwise)
Me: "But K is Chitta's baby, not ours."
Sonny boy. "No, K is my baby also."

Me: "And then, you're always shouting at and fighting with K. If he's your baby, why do you do that?"
Sonny boy*again giving me that Suppandi look* "Silly!!!! That is because I want to teach him all nice things- how to be good and good manners and all that..."
Me: *a slow smile dawning* "Aah.. like how I do to you, Sonny boy?"
Sonny boy: * a wide, happy smile on his face* "YEAH!! Just like you!"


Usha said...

I am still waiting for the day when you can have the last word in this battle. hehehheheh

Suma said...

he has an answer for everything, doesn't he?

give him a big hug from me :)

Sumana said...

Not so easy to mess with him right.Kids these days think too much and too easily.

Mama - Mia said...


he does know the concept of family perfectly! it includes everyone! very evry cool!

hope he always thinks like that!

and you got your certficate too! woohoo! :)



WhatsInAName said...

well i think i need to sit with sonny boy and explain why he should have a sis soon ;-)

Collection Of Stars said...

I do this all the time :)
For KT, her dolls are her siblings.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

cute!! sweet!! witty !! :)

dipali said...

Smart kid, and smart mom!

Swati said...

so cute sonny boy doesnot need anyone else to complete the family ..looks like his mom does :)

mnamma said...

very cute!! I loved his retorts :)

Just Like That said...

Usha: Don't think I'll ever have the last word :-D

Suma: Hug passed on :-)

Sumana: Right! :-) I end up messed up!

Mama Mia: :-P

WIAN: This heart-to-heart is something I can do without.:-D btw, was in Mumbai on Fri. Sudden trip, left Sat early morn, tho'

CoS: :-D, fun, isn't it?

Scattered, Dips: :-) thanks!

Swati: I WOULD love a dog :-P

MNamma: He can be total timepass sometimes. :-)

Qatar Foodie said...

is there hint for Husband (S) to get his act together and do some productive work... hey nice blog ... keep it up

Just Like That said...

Qatar Foodie: LOL! Nopes! Whatever second-time maternal urges might crop up are firmly squashed. Unless someone, ANYone can provide a good full time maid! You have anyone?????

Just Like That said...

QF: And hey, thanks for the compliment!:-)

Tina said...

Hey that was nice... Especially ur comment abt "Suppandi look "

AMIT said...

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