Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy sad

The whole of last week, you could trip over people in our house!

My Mom's of course been with us the last month.
Along came last week, her brother's younger daughter
and her brother's MIL who happens to be her old classmate and movie mate and library mate.
That the two had a BALL does not need to be said, does it?

Also came my sis, and her son.
And of course, there were the 3 of us.

On the weekend, we crammed all 8 of us into our car(!!!!) and took off to Innovative Film City. (I lived and as you can read, am telling the tale.)

The Ripley exhibits were awesome, and that bridge thingie with psychedelic lights spinning all round made our heads swim too. I took Sonny boy on it just for the fun of it, and he started swaying from when he put his feet on the bridge. LOL!
My sister insisted on reading every single thing and we kidded her that if she'd done this when she was studying, she'd have gotten State rank or something.

The Tussaud exhibit was a total let-down after Ripleys.
Apparently, someone stole Gandhiji's trademark specs! He didn't at all look like Gandhi without 'em and neither did plenty of others. Was good fun though, the highlights being that Sonny boy went peeping under Marilyn Monroe's flying skirt to see puppy shame.
All of us laughed to see his abashed face.
Only to collapse laughing a minute later.
Cos he insisted on lifting Ammamma's sari to show us the skirt she had on underneath and tell us that that was what Marilyn had on underneath. LOL It was almost a replica of the Monroe act, with Ammamma holding down her sari with both hands!
The Ammamma was scandalised, and thanked her stars that we being 8 of us, were the only group around at the time.

And in the mirror maze, we kept bumping into our and each other's reflections and had a hilarious time laughing all the times we came back round to the SAME place! We finally had to resort to help from the guys to get out of the place.

The 4D movie was awesome too, except for the scurrying mice. Ewwwwwwwww!
Don't get discouraged, folks, the place was clean and well maintained, the rats were just the 4D effect.

It was an afternoon well spent, even though we had to dish out 4000 bucks for tickets alone for all of us.

Reached back home by 9.

And 2 days later all of them are gone.

My home now knows what the fair ground feels like when the fair's moved on.


WhatsInAName said...

Lol. I can so understand the fun. I had similar experience last year when a lot of my folks were here and we all went to Esselworld. but we needed 2 cars :p
So do share the secret of how to squeeze 8 in a car or wait wait..... Maybe all ur people are as thin as you hmmmm

Praveen said...

LOL @ Sonny Boy peeping under Marilyn Monroe's flying skirt. hahahaha

Suma said...

8 in a car?! :)

that sounded so much fun. i think when the company's good, the laughter just flows, even for small crazy things, nah?

laughing at sonny boy and the ammamma! :D

Sandhya said...

Wow...sounds like so much fun! Nice to know that u all had a good time. And LOL...can imagine ammamma in the Monroe act!

Sandhya said...

Wow...sounds like so much fun! Nice to know that u all had a good time. And LOL...can imagine ammamma in the Monroe act!

Mama - Mia said...


IFC is quite a fun place, innit? esp when you have a bunch of people to enjoy it with!

LOL at Sonny boys antics!! he is too cute i tell ya!! :)