Wednesday, November 25, 2009

o the pain!

thankfully the apples and oranges survived
but not so the pumpkins and strawberries
they just rotted and wasted away.

3 days of neglect was not to be borne...

alas! Facebook games are banned in office!
Boo! Hoo! Hoo!


Swati said...

hahah !

WhatsInAName said...

Lol. Why don't you start your real farm? And send me a kilo of all vegetables every week ;)

Gayatri said...

- Good For You :)
- I really can't get the idea behind having a successful virtual farm :b
- Leave alone the trauma of maintaining 2 boys in the real world ...why punch in keys to find an ugly duckling wandering in 'The Farm' ...:D
- Browse, do FB, Orkut and Blog Girlie....:):):)

Just Like That said...

Swati: :-)
Wian: I don't mind actually, so long as someone gifts me the acreage.. ;-)

Just Like That said...
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Just Like That said...

Gayatri: I didn't either for almost 6 months, until I signed up one fine day about a month back. :-D