Friday, November 27, 2009


The more I try to get out of answering questions and save on time, the more I am made to wish that I had answered the question in the first place.

Sonny boy: Amma, do you know why/how/what .......?
A harried Amma: No.

Sonny boy: Amma you don't know how/why/what....?
Amma: I DON'T know, Sonny boy.

Sonny boy: I know, Amma. I will tell you...
And he goes on to earnestly make up the most ridiculous stories about why/how/what....
He ends in all seriousness, Amma, now you know why/how/what..?

I'm torn between feeling ashamed of myself for not being patient enough to answer all his questions and wanting to laugh out loud at the wondrous nonsense he churns out.


Gayatri said...

- been there done that :)
- being there doing that :(
- does this make u feel better?
- must it make us feel better???
- maybe we ought to make sometime for the kiddo talk session
- on second thoughts maybe not!
- anyways ((((hugsss)))

Suma said...

:) :) :)

enjoy maadi...soon you may be asking him how/why/what? and anxiously too ;)

Swati said...

i am in the same boat :D

Just Like That said...

Gayatri, Suma, Swati: :-)