Friday, June 8, 2007

Glory be to God!

Sonny boy's school has started! And I am so so so relieved and thankful and happy and elated and.....

Last week my in-laws and the Terror too left. Once again, Sonny boy got left behind. Thankfully, the Terror and Sonny boy came to blows about half an hour before they were to leave. So Hubs said, Aha! Bad Terror! terrorising Sonny boy like this. Lets send him away, shall we? And so that was how the Terror was 'sent away'. Without much tears being shed.

But that again left a dent in Sonny boy's heart, for after the Terror left, he kept saying 'I love much theTerror' as if to reassure himself that the Terror hadn't really been sent away because of any ill feeling between the two of them.

Then, he just refused to have anything to do with our new maid. Who's not so new now, but still hasn't got the hang of what to do around Sonny boy, how to keep him occupied and how to distract him into doing the things he's supposed to. Her main responsibilities are
1) get him to drink milk- his 'chocolate milk'.
2) distract him while his parents slip /slink/escape away guiltily to office.
3) comfort him in case he spies us and starts crying.
3) get him to eat his food in the afternoon
4) play with him and generally get him to like her.

Madame, in the last 3 days, when she's been having sole charge of Sonny boy for the day has scored almost zero on all counts. Which was very worrying to me. She would look on apathetically when Sonny boy would start crying, and would do nothing to distract him other than a "Sonny boy, come", said just for the sake of saying something. She made zilch effort to win him over. And for two successive days, Sonny boy did not eat his food. When I called, he would just say, "but Sonny boy waiting Amma coming". And he would say "I don wan Muniyamma, I coming Amma office.

One of us almost decided to go home and stay with him the first day- he was that upset, and so were we. But then we reasoned that we had to start the way we meant to go on...Right now neither of us were in a position to work from home and I couldn't let go of my job.

Which was when school reopened. All of us were so glad. And we set out together like one happy family in the morning today, Sonny boy too, to his 'Ginger office' school. That is what he says for the rather big name his school has. He was pleased as punch to strut along importantly with his bright blue and yellow bag and yellow water bottle. He told everybody on the way that he was off to school. And once at the school, that shy look all around and at the teachers, and the slow dawning smile that ended in a huge grin of happy recognition had the teachers laugh over the little 'Senior'.
And we waved a glad bye to Sonny boy, as we left for office and he went to enquire into the affairs of a little girl who was bawling her heart out, and whose Momma was having a hard time controlling her tears too. First time at school, you see. And Sonny boy was venturing to do some comforting.

I am so glad that on Mon, there will no crying scenes that wrench at my heart, and leave me moping during the drive to office. We're off and Sonny boy's also off. Huurray for school.


Sunita said...

:) so Alls well and hope sonny boy enjoys school.

WhatsInAName said...

Ah! The pleasures and pains of growing up :)
Arent you lucky that Sonny boy has decided to take upon himself the task of comforting others... cos I happen to be the mom of not one but 2 such girls who were bawling/howling on their first days in school :( I had a tough time pushing them inside the schoolbus!

But good for you! and hope Muniyamma improves with time!

Just like that said...

Sunita- Any day more enjoyable than being cooped up inside a flat on the third floor...poor Sonny boy!
WIN- ;-) I wonder if the fact that she was a girl made a difference?

itchingtowrite said...

you will find the answers to the nursery rhyme