Friday, June 22, 2007

What will he be when he grows up?

Read about that poor 15 yr old kid in Trichy who performed a caesarean operation on a 20 yr old girl, and was horrified at the parents who actually supervised it.

It made me wonder- how ambitious can a parent be for their child? To what extent can they push their children? And when does all this start? In the womb? Would this mother have been reading medical books during her pregnancy?

I know that during my pregnancy, I made it a point to do lots of things in the hope that Sonny boy would imbibe... (ala the legendaryAbhimanyu, who heard his father Arjun speak about the chakravyuh, even while his mother dropped off to sleep...) - listen to good music, read good books, not laze around, think good thoughts... I really tried to do all this, in between puking, throughout the day- from month 3 to month 9.
My MIL told me that reading the Ramayanam was tantamount to getting a good offspring, so I did. I faithfully read C. Rajagopalachari's ramayan and thoroughly enjoyed it too. Tho' till date, I haven't told her this. ;-) (Supposedly if you can't read all, if you just read the sundarakandam is also enough)

Maybe all that will yield result, but when, is the moot question. Right now, nothing seems to hold Sonny boy. Sonny boy's attention span really has me worried.
I guess it is kind of OK if he is an average kid. (After all, I am no Einstein, nor is his Acha. I rejoice in the fact that Einstein was considered a dud at school!)
Like any parent, I too would like to see my son reach a higher level of life than me, however, Jack of all trades, master of none is what my son excels at being.

His attention begins to stray 5 minutes after we sit down to some learn-and-play.
I laugh about it later with his Acha, that a boy who otherwise has to be forced to go to sleep, only has to hold his crayon in his little fingers, for the yawns to come in an army.
When we go to the park, Sonny boy sits for a minute on the swings, while he eyes the slides. He trots off to slide, when he espies the see-saw. Off again to see-, but before the -saw, he is off to his cycle, and then again to that gymnast rod.. it goes on...

I mean, how can a child (or its anxious mother) know what he likes, if he doesn't even experience it to the full? Ditto for all else. He is like the proverbial butterfly, sipping from this flower and that, generally buzzing around... I see other children close to his age who at least manage to stay with one toy to finish whatever they are doing. Or at least, they have a favourite toy. Not so Sonny boy.

His nature is evident from the fact that when I tell him to go play with his toys, he goes and tumbles ALL the toys from his toy basket onto the floor. Just in case a few get caught in the corners and don't fall out, he pokes them out! He delights in seeing them strewn all around. PlayDoh is out of bounds in my house now, cos he makes little balls out of it and then runs his toy cars over it to see the tyre marks. Very creative and innovative you might say. NOT, says the mother who had a tough time trying to clean the carpet of the sticky dough. The carpet still has bits of fur rolled in dough!
The ONLY toy he has liked more than the rest is Thomas. He spends some minutes with the tracks and Salty and Percy and the others.. laying the tracks out, connecting them...
And he also loves anything to do with water.

But yeah, sometimes I wonder if I watched any (too many?) kittens while pregnant. Sonny boy simply loves string! A rope, a belt, a tape.. anything that he can wind and loop and tie and knot and use to connect... He can really spend an hour doing intricate, puzzling winds and turns..tying the chairs up, looping the table to the chair, the chair to the sofa, tying up one of our legs in the process. He can also simply walk around the dining table, looking back every now and then, at the way the string follows on behind him.

The Acha and I are totally blank as to what future brillinace this is a sign of. Any of you who drop in here- any ideas?


WhatsInAName said...

Now my turn to say dont make your hair turn grey thinking too much :)

Knowing you, I am sure he will grow up to be a successful, happy human being :)

WhatsInAName said...

I hope those doctors lose their licences. That was a totally unethical act on their part! Ambition should have a limit!

itchingtowrite said...

ditto- taking the toys out of bag and playing with string/ belt/ - scary though-
the attention span is limited- puzzle pieces are from chewing and roaming around keeping it in the hands...

Hip Grandma said...

when my son was three he had to be admitted to the hospital for severe tonsilitis and the chief child specialist barged into the cabin and started explaining to a group of interns that my boy showed symptoms of an adenoid baby and such kids were slow learners with impaired brain development and they reach the landmarks of child growth and development rather late.She insisted that he must have walked only when he was two and a half and uttered his first words when he was three and that too incoherently.I cried myself to sleep that night and by the next morning he was running around the corridor like toofan mail.I aked a junior doctor what his senior meant by calling him an adenoid baby when all he had was a blocked nose.Ignore her words-he said.You can see for yourself that he is very very normal.She was trying to impress the interns that's all.If a child specialist can make such a grave mistake what about the rest?children are individuals in their own right and no rule applies to all children.your kid is curious and wants to learn more than what you can ever teach can't expect him to be focussed at his age.don't have unrealistic expectations.I've mentioned you inmy post on thinking to take it up?

Just like that said...

WIN- :-) advice taken.
read in today's papers that the doctor couple've been arrested and the kid is missing. I feel so sorry for that boy, you know.:-(

ITW- someone told me boys are less inclined to devote their attention to one particular toy....?

HGM- I am truly speechless. To figure in a post on thinking bloggers... and that, in a post by honoured beyond words. thank you.

Poppins said...

My mom tells me that when she put me in nursery school, there were so many kids who joined along with me. Some of them were very perky, attentive, chatty etc while I was just average. And they always were considered smart kids and the teachers liked them a lot.

And so she used to worry a little. But with all of us having studied in the same school, there came a time perhaps when we were in class 8-10, I used to sit with these same classmates of mine and tutor them !

Ofcourse none of this means that those kids didn't grow up to become happy successful adults. Today they are doing as well as any of our classmates.

What I'm trying to say is that, this is a long haul. Some kids appear smarter or more focussed in kindergarten, some more bloom in school, some in college. And then there are those, whose aptitude was something so totally different that they only excel after they leave college, when they pursue business etc.

Milestones, and school grades etc are not all encompassing of all types of intelligence ! This said, I think Sonny boy is doing what's normal for his age. I'm sure he'll turn out to be perfect.

Dunno what the strings mean though.. Weaver? Knitter? Fashion Designer? Scientist? Engineer (perhaps he's checking their tensile strength) LOL :)

Sorry mini-post.

Just like that said...

Poppins- feel free. Maybe one day... some 18 yrs down the line, I'll read this post again and smile...
musician? AR Rahman?? ;-D

Vidooshak said...

"yawns to come in an army". LOL

wow, Sonny boy's wandering eye, hands, legs, head, body sound spooky! my draupadi refused to read any Ramayana. instead, she came with me to see "300" and "Shrek the Third"

i fear to imagine how our Bumpy's gonna be. but i agree with u, being average is not a sin. i hope i can stay as stoic when everyone around is joining classes and attending beauty parlors at age 2.

lovely post. enjoyed thoroughly, reading!!

the mad momma said... that you are done writing abt my son, you can write abt yours..

seriously JLT..what more attn do you expect from a little fellow?

Just like that said...

MM- if he could only make three strokes with that crayon before yawning...? ;-)

Usha said...

JLT, Have you thought about this: perhaps none of these toys actually interest him. He is perhaps someone who would like to observe people, a writer or an actor. May be he would like you to sit and talk to him.
He sees you for a few hours ina day and he does not want toys to take away that time with you. Just may be.

Just like that said...

Usha- Could be...that is an angle I had not thought of, He does love our storytelling sessions, when he curls up on me attentively :-)