Thursday, June 21, 2007

God give strength to little Piyush's parents.

Read today in MM's and Sunitha's posts that little Piyush had expired.
When I read that and commented on both those posts, it was as a parent who felt for the loss of another parent.

But this afternoon, I went to and read through the experiences of 5 unbelievably long, unbelievably short months. And I felt very sad. And then I just clicked on the fotos. To see this little boy who had fought so bravely. And my heart really broke for those parents- Maltesh and Swati. Who will only have memories to hold on to now.

It is hard enough for me to have only memories of my Dad. But at least he in his own words, had lived his life well. But Piyush... to have a life cut short at its sweetest..
If I, who only came to know of this sweet child after his death, feel so much for his loss, what must be the plight of the parents?

Dear God, Why do these things have to happen? No parent should suffer like this. To have your little son diagnosed with a rare disease. To get so many people to pray and contribute. To be ABLE to do the best for your son. And then to have that best not be good enough....

Dear Maltesh and Swati, God be with you. And help you, and grant you peace of heart, in all the long days ahead. God bless all those good people that helped generously with all they could.

And dear dear Piyush, God obviously treasures your soul, may you be one of His brightest cherubs.


Sunita said...

That was really touching. I wanted to write for the family after the initial shock but words just didn't come through.

Just like that said...

Suni- maybe you felt the loss more than I did. Like I said, I only went thru his whole (sadly short) story after I learnt of his death.

Its difficult to find words when you feel too much.