Friday, June 29, 2007


Have just been to the loo in office, and found it disgustingly dirty. Put in a request to the admin guy to get the housekeeping guys to clean it. And was driven to think that there would be no need for any of this, if only the users maintained a certain level of cleanliness.

I was then reminded of a poster which proudly adorned the wall, in the loo at one of my earlier workplaces. If I remember right, it said:

Ladies! Please remain seated till the end of the performance.

Gentlemen! Its shorter than you think, please direct well.

Every time I caught sight of it, I smiled through my performance!

Do any of you have such gems you'd like to share?


~nm said...

Quite amusing quotes I must say! I had an interesting one in my previous office too but I just can't remember it!

Usha said...

I have also noticed that the toilets are disgusting even in 5 star hotels and places frequented by the "educated" and fashionable.
How much effort does it take to leave the toilet clean?
I wonder what the toilets look like in their houses!

Just like that said...

nm- remember, cast your mind back, concentrate...

Usha- yeah, and sometimes, I really do prefer a good old squat, to sitting on drops of somebody else's susu!

dipali said...

'If you sprinkle when you tinkle,
Be sweet and wipe the seat.'

Of all the public loos ever visited, I'd vote for Shoppers Stop, Kolkata.
Absolutely spotless at all times

WhatsInAName said...

Well, cant think of any as of now but yes, its sad - the way we treat the public loos.
Pathetic is the word!

Recuudie said...

Not inside but ON the door
"Run (inside) like a horse, sit like a thief, walk (out) like a king"

Well, yeah no connection to etiquette whatsoever..