Tuesday, June 19, 2007

O Laila...!

Yesterday was a friend's daughter's second B'day. And Sonny boy was cordially invited, with family.

She had come over for Sonny Boy's b'day earlier in Feb, and her parents and we'd gone together for another friend's kid's B'day subsequently.. where the pair of them were the only two toddlers and they'd made a hit pair. She would run after the chettan (big bro) and the big bro would lead her a merry dance. Basically both of them were totally taken with the acres of space after being coccooned in flats, and they had a rip-roaring time running around bushes and lolling about on the green lawns.

Yesterday, when we were on our way, we cautioned Sonny boy that the brightly wrapped up gift was for the B'day baby and that he had to give it to her, and wish her, and not poke his fingers into the cake- it was Leya's not his! and generally be a good boy.. and then we asked him,
"You remember Leya baby, Sonny?"
"O coursh!"
"Where did you see her?"
"In my house"
And then he trills merrily, "Laila, Laila, Laila...!

They proceeded to have a merry time at the party too.
By the time we left, guess Leya's Dad was glad to have his daughter separated from her Majnu.


Poppins said...

Awww cuteness

~nm said...

Hahaha! So cute and innovative of your lil one...calling his girlfriend Laila! :D

And the way you wrote about Majnu being sperated from Laila was hilarious.

That actually reminds me on an incident when my son was about 20 months and we had gone to Dilli Haat, New Delhi. Our son soon started playing with a lil girl of a couple sitting nearby. And when she was going away with her parents he promptly gave her a flying kiss and she returned it too! I burst out laughing and without meaning bad said "What flirts the kids these days are!" The girls father gave me such looks as if I was badmouthing his teenage daughter! :D

rishabh said...

how old is sonny boy?

Daisy said...

Too cute :)..

PS:- thanks for the comments on my blogs :)

WhatsInAName said...

Awwwwwwww.. how I wish to live that life of innocence again! sigh!

Just like that said...

Poppins, Daisy, WIN - thanks. :-)

NM - this father was indeed getting slightly rattled too, esp as all of us were pulling his leg. ;-) was good fun. the mother took it in her stride tho'...

Just like that said...

Rishabh - Sonny boy is all of 3 years and 4 months!