Thursday, January 20, 2011

gourmet tastes

does Sonny boy have.

For breakfast he'd like- Dosa
Morn' Snack- Dosa
Lunch- Dosa
Eve' snack- Dosa
Dinner- Dosa.

Any time we're on the road and stop somewhere for eats, we don't need to ask Sonny boy what he'll have. For no matter whether its breakfast,lunch,dinner or just a snack, his preference is going to be

I know I should probably be counting my blessings, but.... Aaaargh!

Forget the microwave, I should probably have invested in a tabletop grinder. gah! No wonder I'm not a baking goddess. And whoever heard of a dosa goddess?


R's Mom said...

hahahaha! I love this guy!

WhatsInAName said...

Lol! isn't it great that you have something to blackmail him with ? :p

Gayatri said...

- Great...Dosa has become a universally err available item... so u gotta be happy on that note...ur kiddo will never remain hungry :)
- My son hates dosa while the world around him loves it!!! strange na...hez a chappathi guy :D

Just Like That said...

R's Mom: So do I! :-P
Wian: hmmmm... its in his genes. Like father like son. But the father can be tempted into trying other cuisines. Him- Naah. DOSAAAAAA it is!!
Gayatri: I guess dosas are easier to make once the batter is ready. Counting my blessings here. :-)

utbtkids said...

Mine would order idli in a restaurant and ask me to make poori at home. :(