Monday, January 17, 2011


By now she knew that bags being packed and much rushing to and fro, lugging clothes around didn’t harbour pleasant tidings for her.
‘They’ were going to go off somewhere without ‘her’.
She knew it. But in her heart of hearts she hoped. And so, when the Acha asked her out for a late-night drive, she jumped joyfully, her tail wagging nineteen to the dozen.

Alas. The Acha was only dropping her off at the kennel. And this time the stay turned out to be for 10 loooong days.

10 days when she was quite the Lonely Lady. And 10 days in which the even the normally pretending-to-be-immune-to-her-charms Acha was forced to say, “if ‘she' were here, she’d be there”- looking at the vacant cushion by the bed.
Amma was of course missing her every second.
And Sonny boy was was heard often saying "If Trinity was here she'd be doing this" Or that. He was also heard regretting that she wasn’t there to eat his leftovers.

But all that’s changed. She’s back! And we’re together again.
And if there was a song Trinity could have been singing this morning when she gambolled like a deer- a druken one at that- through the doors of her home, and jettisoned herself on the waiting Acha, it would be

Apne hi bas mein nahin main
Dil hain kahin toh hoon kahin main...

... aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hain!

We lurrrve you too, my darling!


Betsy Antony said...
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Betsy Antony said...

Nice post.
I follow your posts regularly, its the style of your writing that keeps me coming to this blog time and again.

WhatsInAName said...

I can think of one more song now!
Trinity bani Tum bane Ekdum duje ke liye ;)

Just Like That said...

Betsy: Thank you. Welcome and keep coming back. :-)
WIAN: ROFL. Inimitable as always. :-D