Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steely anniversary to us

I'd meant to do a thingie post every day to lead up to today. But they sure mean it when they say time flies. So here I am with just one thingie post to this blog's credit- on what is our eleventh wedding anniversary.

Given that we pretty much arranged our own marriage, I love that we were able to make it on Republic Day. Neither of us realised at the time ( we were both so glad to be finally tying the knot) how wonderful it would be to have your anniversary on a holiday ALWAYS.

Looking back on that day, we both were like a pair of teenagers.... I couldn't keep my grin off my face while getting ready, and my Moothamma finally threw up her hands in frustration, saying, "ok, ok, smile for now, but once we reach the temple, adangi-othingi irikkanam". She meant that I'd have to act the docile bride. Given that I had never in my life been docile, ever, of course I gave her advice/admonition not a second thought.

But when it came to about 10 minutes before the muhurtham without a sign of the groom and party, the beam began to lose its sheen a bit. Where on EARTH was he????? Turned out the party was late cos of a traffic block on account of some Republic Day function on the way. And you came hurrying into the temple with that trademark grin on your face.

From then till today, it has been 11 Republic Days. 11 years of fun, love and laughter... quarrels and fights and hurts, and forgiving and forgetting... 5 different homes, one son and one dog.. and it continues...

I cannot imagine me with any other person, my darling. And if you were to see this as I write, your tongue-in-cheek ripartee would be that no other person would stand me for what I am.

Here's to many more years of love and happiness, sweetheart, many more years of being the yang to my yin. Love you!


Rohini said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to many more happy ones :)

WhatsInAName said...

Awww! That was so sweet! Sorry, didn't see this post yday ! Many happy returns of the day and wish you tons of years of togetherness :))

mnamma said...

Happy 11th JLT!

starry eyed said...

Happy anniv!!

R's Mom said...

Sorry about the delay..but BELATED happy anniversary..what a super day to get married...I never realised that marrying on a national holiday means every anniversary is a chutti!!! what fun :) had stuck me earlier!