Monday, January 3, 2011

The new decade begins....

.. and I decide to
keep an account of my spending. No curtailing or whatever. Just know how much is going into what. I may still not be able to tell my mom exactly how much onions cost here, but at least I'll be able to tell her that my grocery bill was high/low.
Another reason is that I asked Sonny boy's tuition teacher whether her fees were 2x or 3x... and she looked dumbly at me and told me it was actually x. Sigh! I tell you I have absolutely no idea of where my money goes and how much either. Bad. Bad. BAD. And that is definitely going to change for the better this year. It better!

I am going to drink more water. Period. And get Sonny Boy also to drink more water. I drink maybe 3 glasses of water a day. This is including my cuppa coffee in the morning. Bad again. Well, I'm going to do something about it this year. And every year henceforth.

I'm going to have a beauty regime. hahaha. By that, I mean that I hope to at least wash my face with plain water, after I come back from work. I shamefacedly accept that somedays, I don't even do that. The only time my face sees some water is during the baths (I bathe daily, people!) and during the face-washing sessions at office, after a hot day in the sun.
All that is going to change. I'm going to actually cleanse my face, and remember to moisturise it before I drop off to sleep. I see the beginings of crows feet around my eyes. Maybe I crinkle my eyes too much. Maybe I laugh too much? I do NOT want to laugh less, but I COULD do with some lesser laugh lines.

This year, I'm going to focus on providing extras and not just the basics, to Sonny boy. Remember to laugh more with him. To listen to him. To take his side sometimes in fights/arguments. To not shout at him so much. LOL. Come to think of it, quite a bit of this could apply to the Acha as well. We've been having a rough couple of years, but through it all, I can still count my blessings. I hope thats a state of affairs that continues or takes a turn for the better. Amen.

Talking of God, Sonny boy has been going around asking the meanings of people's names. And he's totally stuck on being named after a God. His conversation these days runs like this.

Snuggling upto him, Acha, is your name the name of a God?
Why, Sonny boy?
IS it, Acha?
What if it is, Sonny boy?
Acha, does my name mean God??
No Sonny boy.
Acha!!! I WANT my name to be God's name!

I don't know where this is coming from. He hasn't been spending too much time with the grandies. But he MAY have been watching too much of Chota Bheem. hmmm...

That brings me to the last one before I end this post. I mean to blog more regularly. There have been so many Sonny boy laughs this last year. But I can't remember what they were all about. Well, hopefully this year, there'll be more of the same.


Rohini said...

All the best with your resolutions!

I am much the same with money. Have absolutely no idea what anything costs :)

R's Mom said...

Yay to your resolutions! I like the last one best..please write more blog posts :)

Gayatri said...

- I relate to all of the above :)
- Good luck gal :D
- Yet to decide on my list...which at the rate of additions might just need a publisher :b

sher khan said...

Happy new year and all the best for those resolutions :-)

I am totally with you on the face washing bit!Even i never do that and always make plans to do it regularly! that and applying cream on my feet!

WhatsInAName said...

Hugs to you, my soul sistah! I am same 2 same whether its about blowing up money, or not washing face! Though I cannot say or resolve about my blogging but I would surely love to read yours. so do stick to your resolutions please :)