Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thingie Post.

Thanks, Sue for the idea.

So, next week, its going to be 11 years of living with the man, as it were. And I figure that if the Sue can be so generous as to write 30 things about her man, I can go upto at least a dozen.

The thing I like about him is that he follows "Little Women" even if he didn't like it as much as I did. He tries never to let the sun go down upon his anger.
Never mind that half the time he's the one who started the row in the first place, even if he hasn't, he's always been the first one to patch up.

Whereas for me, I'd still be thinking dire thoughts of him 2 days later. Sigh.


Sunita said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary!!!! I completed 6 years last month and maybe I can list as many things about 'My man' :D ha ha ...haven't seen Sue's list yet ..let me check out.

Btw, any chance you can open your posts for full feed girl pls :)

Raam Pyari said...

congratulations! and that is a very helpful quality in husbands!

Just Like That said...

Sunita: Thanks, girl. :-) Many happy returns to you too. What is a full feed? and how do I do it??

Raam Pyari: Thank you. It is. :-)

R's Mom said...

Great to know you celebrate 11 years of togetherness...waiting to read more on the thingie post :)and am like you, getting bugged even after 2 days ;)

Monika said...

this thingie post is good no

happy anniversary lady