Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cracking the code

1. Ephilants/ ephitants are universally fat.

2. An apple a day is good mecedine.

3. When it is drraak, you put on the light.

4. Showers are lovely, be they pink or oyange or red.

5. Small kids should not play with the micorrrr

6. Not all pains are pains, some fly. Like helicotets.

7. And some kheem is good for dry skin.

8. Jumstick isn't another version of joystick. It drums more than it jumps.

9. Sonny boy simply loves to pay, anytime of the day.

10. Contuter is a good tutor and friend.

How many of these could you decode? Bet 5 has you stumped.


dame's diary said...

My son and I are ROFL :)

Something to Say said...

awesome!!! I assume no 5 is microwave...good compile - good for future reference....:)

B o o said...

I am a pro, I got it all! And thats a cute post! :)

~nm said...


pt 5 is microwave..right?

WhatsInAName said...

I couldnt get 6 and 8!
I guess I am a pro as well :D

That was so sweet a language :)

Just Like That said...

Win- 6 is a plane,which flies like helicopters and 8 is drumstick.

Boo- Congrats!! You've met my expectations.

Nm, dame's diary, S2S- :-), and yeah, micorrr is the shortened form of microwave.

Moppet's Mom said...

Oh well done, me! I got all of them too :-)

Good fun!

Usha said...

Adorable...haha i thought micorr was the mixer. and got everything else correct. Do I get a date with sonny boy as the prize!

Just Like That said...

Usha- Sonny boy would be delighted to take you for a joyride in his helicotet.:-)

Sunita said...

That was wonderful. I had my doubts with 6. Got the rest.

Swati said...

Great all but 10.