Friday, July 6, 2007

Good ol' Ammamma is a-coming..!

My maid has ditched. And what is irritating is that she has left me absolutely in the lurch, the bad woman. Shall deal with a separate post on the doings, or rather, non-doings of madam Muniyamma.

But now I need to find a new, good, clean, responsible maid, pronto. Or I need to get Sonny boy into a daycare after his school. But no daycare near my house will keep open till the time I can probably collect him. So I need to resign my job, maybe.

OR, maybe get the Ammamma to come visiting. And take-caring, like Sonny boy would put it.

And YES!! The AMMAMMA is a-coming home! Three cheers to her!

Am off to pick her up, will be back on Mon, Ammamma in tow. Sonny boy is going to be so pleased to have his Ammamma home. And so will the Amma, for obvious reasons. And so will the Acha, for now he can continue his trysts with the loo and the newspaper in undisturbed peace.

Have a good weekend, folks!


upsilamba said...

who is coming now -- Sonny boy's Ammamma or your Ammama?

here's to days ahead!

Usha said...

mmmm...a lot of pampering in the pipeline for you too I guess! enjoy maadi.

WhatsInAName said...

Wow! I can imagine your excitement :) Have a wonderful time!

Poppins said...

Good old moms bail us out, don't they? In other countries children want their independence at 18, and here we are in our twenties and thirties still needing them ! :-)

~nm said...

So hows it going with Ammamma there with you? I hope you are getting some time off and enjoying it too!!

Just like that said...

Evvybuddy- Sonny boy's Ammamma, my Mum is home. So now meals will have that extra taste, that I can never give.. that special flavour that comes from years of loving cooking... :-)