Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weekends over the years were...

As a schoolkid.
Weekends were fun days.
Library days.
Bakery days.
Visiting-my-Dad's-home days. (we used to stay in my Mom's tharavad, which was a hour from my Dad's place.)
Cleaning-my-table days.
Fighting-with-my-sister days.
Emptying-all-the-tins-of-goodies-stocked-for-guests days.
Bonding-with-guests days.
Accompanying-Mom-to-temple days.

As a teenager.
Again fun days, but with a slight difference.
Library days.
Bakery days.
Tuition days.
Cleaning-my-room days.
Visiting-my-Dad's-home days.
Fighting-with-my-sister days.
Visiting-friends'-houses days.
Accompanying-Mom-to-temple days

As a hostelite, in a students' hostel.
All days were fun in the hostel, honestly. But weekends were
Loll-about-in-bed days.
Crib days (about the matron and what an ogre she was, about the professors, about hostel food...)
Wash days. (those bedsheets and jeans!)
Oil massage days.
Campus rambles days.
Movie days.
Catching-up-on-reading days.
Outing-to-town days.
Letterwriting days.

As a hostelite, in a working women's hostel.
You have to stay in both types of hostels to appreciate the difference. The former is infinitely better than the latter. Here again, weekends were
Loll-about-in-bed days.
Wash days.
Movie days.
Shopping (for nothing in particular) days.
Gossip days . (There was less in common to crib about, more idle, juicy gossip on this and that, and him and her..)
Calling/visiting- home days.
Catching-up-on-reading days.

As a married, working woman sans kid.
Fun days.
Loll in bed days.
Lazy days.
Eating out days.
Movie days.
Catching-up-on-reading days.
rent-a-movie days.
Cleaning-house days.
Visiting relatives days.

As a married, working woman with kid.
Cleaning house days.
Catching-up-on-homework days.
Household-shopping days.
Get-into-fight-with-husband days.
Spend-time-with-baby days.
Visiting relatives days.
Going-to-temple days.

I miss my lazing in bed days and my reading throughout the day days. These days, self indulgence comes at a cost. Untidy house. Baby vying for attention. Husband alternately vying for/trying to miss my attention. sigh! how the years pass...

Come on, what were/are your weekends like?


Anna said...

As a working mother of a 3 year old, I always wonder where my weekend goes:).. Now I am happy to see someone else in the same boat..

Take Care

Just Like That said...

Anna, welcome to my blog.:-) and yeah, those were the good old days...

Swati said... wrote my heart out...really really love this post of yours...beautifully expressed.

~nm said...

weekend? what weekend?

Moppet's Mom said...

Nice! Right now, weekends are the most exhausting days because I have to deal with Moppet and her Papa together. :-)

Fuzzylogic said...

I love this post!What I wouldn't give for one day or lolling in the bed lazily all by myself with a great book. Yes weekends I used to know remotely something like them but Sigh!!!not anylonger.But I guess I was thankful to have got a taste of the good old lazy days during my trip to India.

Itchingtowrite said...


Rebus said...

Wow; that sure was nostalgia on the rock; well my wekends goes in reading, washing, gardening, watching the tube and ofcourse violin practising!!

Just Like That said...

Swati- :-)thanks

Nm- LOL yeah, sometimes I too have that feeling.

Moppet's Mom- Don't you mean Moppet and the quilted katti roll?

Fuzzy- what I wouldn't give too, esp with Harry poised to alohomora ... sigh!

Itchy- well, thought my long comment would suffice, but it'll be a pleasure to do the tag anyway.

Rebus- Wecome to my blog :-) Violin practising- Wow!

Itchingtowrite said...

harry tag is open one. do it wuickly before u see the book

WhatsInAName said...

Its amazing to see fight-with-sister days gone... temple-days gone but made a comeback... :)

My weekend is same as yours these days :( Sigh!

Daisy said...

ah- a very nostalgic post... I am not yet in the last stage of your post.. so still waking up at noon on weekends :)

BTW, thansk for visiting my blog and for the prayers :)