Monday, July 2, 2007

once more

What is with the world these days?

First little Piyush and now little Ahan.
A 6 yr young little boy.
Who fell down from a gap between the railings and the elevator, from the 4th floor, of a mall in Bangalore. Last evening.
He fell hitting his head, and was declared brain dead on arrival at the hospital.

The family were at the mall for a happy Sunday outing. The mother was near the little boy, near the escalator. When suddenly he slipped and fell.
From a laughing, mischievous little boy, hovering about the escalator, to a cold, lifeless body laid on a hospital bed- all in the space of just 2 hours.

How can that mother bear it? If only she had been able to grasp hold of her son's leg, arm, anything... as he went over..If only she had held on to her son's hand... What must be the thoughts going madly through her mind? And through the father's?

It is so scaring and shocking. Garuda Mall is a mall we go to pretty frequently, and Sonny boy like any other kid, is mad about the escalators. It could so easily have been him instead of that little boy... God!

I still haven't been able to comprehend how the accident happened- for I can't remember any such gap between the railings and the escalator. All the railings had glass covers. So how did that little boy fall? The next time I go there, I will look at all the railings near the escalator. Morbid tho' it seems, I do have to know how he fell. So that I can take precautions with Sonny boy.

God be with those poor parents, and help them come to terms with their loss. I wonder if they have any other children. Ahan is, no was, a student of Vidya Shilp School. Those teachers will miss that bright enthusiastic face in class. God keep his little soul.

I can't help comparing the two deaths- of Piyush and Ahan.
I wonder which was the better/worse death? To go out like a light- happy one moment, lifeless the next, or to painfully fight months, weeks, days, hours, for a life that is slipping away every second? I would say that the former was a better way to go for the child, but for the parents, and others left behind, either way leaves only painful memories ... especially when all the memories you have are cute, lovable, endearing ones. Of a child just starting out on the threshold of life... Very very sad.


Poppins said...

Oh no...How awful. Gives me the jitters.

Swati said...

Yes JLT..I felt dead reading the paper in the morning.We went Garuda Last weekend.Thats so scary and sad.
God bless the little boy and give the family strength.

the mad momma said...

it sounds terrible.. God give the families strength to bear their loss...

Rash said...

horrible isn't it...been on my mind the whole day...what's the mother going through

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

that sounds horrific .. a few years ago, a kid slipped and fell into the gap between escalators and the railings in a mall in chennal. Though sis and I were both grown up( I think I was 20 and sis was 15), my mom was still terribly agitated and kept warning us about escalotrs.

upsilamba said...

oh-no. it is so sad and just not fair.

I am outraged if indeed it was a safety hazard that the mall authorities had a shut eye.

let us know,JLT, if you get to know what really happened.

My heart goes to the parents..

rbdans said...

Thats very sad. My heart goes to the family. God give them strength to get through it.

Something to Say said...

o terrible terrible - my sonny loves the escalators too...(gulp)
ever since lil Morick lost his life to the Blue line bus in Delhi - we've been almost crushing sonny's lil wrist with our tight grip ... now one more image will flit before my eyes - every time at the mall..
God be with the poor parents

WhatsInAName said...

Yeah, I read about it too. How unpredictable life is!
Scary! :(
Feeling bad for the mom, as you said. What must she be going through! Poor woman!