Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Help- Sonny boy has homework!

Last year, Sonny boy, had only a Colouring Book, in which he had to colour some 2-3 pages every week. This year, he has advanced. He has
Cursive Writing
Writing Numbers
Interactive Mathematics and
General Knowledge.

And yesterday was his first instalment of homework in the M2 classes.
Pages 1-4 of GK and Pages 1-8 of IM. Which again had to be done over the course of a week.

We sailed through the GK, which was basically colouring of the longer, shorter, taller, bigger, smaller objects. This year, I decided that unlike last year, (where he did the colouring mostly on his own with minimal moulding from me, and thus made his drawings quite uniquely different from what they were supposed to be, and earned a 'colour more neatly' remark from his teacher) I would help the little fingers grasp the pencil better, till he was able to cope more 'neatly' on his own.

And then we came to Interactive Maths. Math has been my bete noire in all my school years, (till I scored highest in class, for the first and only time, in my 9th std, under the guidance of an able, simply amazing teacher- the best I have ever had in Math) So I have been hoping that here, his genes take after his Achha who is definitely better at numbers than I am.

Well, Sonny boy had been pretty ok with his numbers, tho' there were the times when he would count, ' vun, two, fore, seben, TEN!'
And then there was the time when I taught him to count on his fingers, starting with the thumb at one, and when he kept missing six, I told him that the little finger (on the second hand) stood for six.
So now he goes ,
"one two, three, four SIX, " because
"that ish little finger, Amma. Little finger is SIX!"
Logic and his Amma certainly have their sway over Sonny boy.

So yesterday we were doing the numbers, and we finished with One and came to Two. On that page, were two beautifully coloured butterflies. So I let Sonny boy look his fill, and then I asked, "What is this, Sonny boy?" pointing at the number Two.
Pat came the reply.
Yeah, but what is this? Jabbing by the Amma at the number Two.
"Lotsh of butterflies!"

Help! I think my son takes after me in numbers!

And then, in GK, we were at tall and short, where the pictures were of a tall cone icecream and a short and squat cup of icecream.
"What is this?" Pointing at the cone.
"Good. What is this?" Pointing at the cup.


Moppet's Mom said...

Homework for a 3 year old? Poor little fella! Or maybe I should say, homework for Sonny boy's mom? Poor JLT! :-p

Swati said...

JLT , Sonny Boy is intelligent ..see how he discovered what you cannot ...TALL and FAT. You must appreciate ..he is so logical ..:)

Noodlehead said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog! nice blog you've got here :) i empthize with you, math is, was and will always be my bete noire too. i'm counting on dadda to teach bonbon math when she does have to learn it.

have you given a thought to when you have exams??!!! :-D i know i have and my baby isn't even 3 months yet....brrrr!

~nm said...

Boy! I'm getting nervous how will I manage with my son's homework when he starts going to nursery next year!

And hey! your sonny boy sure sounds quite intelligent!

Hip Grandma said...

You capabilities as mommy and teacher are being tested right now.Best of luck!!

WhatsInAName said...

Life comes a full circle, doesnt it? :)
Dont worry. he will get them. the numbers!