Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to square one!

Just when you think you're getting somewhere, these things happen and you ruefully decide that you do indeed have a long way to go still before calling yourself a pro at understanding kiddy speak...

Today morning, was spooning Sonny boy his chocolate milk, when he spotted the cartoon strip in the TOI being read by the husband. Immediately he piped up,

'Acha, tell me shory!"
An unwilling Acha- "What story, Sonny boy?"
"That red shory."

We looked, and there was Garfield that was about the only red/brown thing in there. On the weekend, we'd also bought a Garfield cdROM on playing with numbers, so we thought it must be that.

"Noooo..! That redddd!"
"Which red?"
"That red socks"
"Red socks??!"

"Yeah. Red socks shory" Nods head affirmatively, eagerly. How much more patient can you get with these parents? Pah!. Its so obvious what i'm talking about and they still don't get it!!

By now both the Acha and the Amma were poring over the newpaper, wondering where the red socks were, and who was wearing them.

"Acha, that red shory Acha,... that bown socks!" A peeved voice, and big eyes.
The big eyes had me stuck on Garfield more than ever.

Somewhere a small light flickered in the Acha's mind. Not in mine, to be honest.
Aah...! You mean fox..., Sonny boy?"
"Yesss! Bown socks!"Vehement nodding of head.

Sonny boy wanted to be told the story of little Red Riding Hood. And the fox. With big eyes, big ears and big teeth.
And he was getting soo irritated with our non-comprehension because he knew that we knew he referred to fox as socks. From when he was a baby, starting to lisp.

Sigh! So its back to square one all over again. We need to really concentrate, and remember all we learned, in order to grasp what Sonny boy has in mind..


~nm said...

Why do you think the phrase "Child is the father of man" was coined? :D

We have to start learning from our children and revising the past learnings again and again! Hehehee...

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Be grateful! He's the only thing standing between you and senility! :-)

Kodi's Mom said...

:) and you thought you could put those baby notes away?

Ps said...

:-) U better remember mommykins that what sonny boy wants, he wants!! U better read him what he wants!! :-)
Here's to more good times.(and thanks for dropping by)

Swati said...

heheheheh..sweeet ! How can you irritate him so much...you should always know what he is saying..after all you are the MOM ..right ?

Asha said...

LOL!! Call it entertainment. :)
I still remember my cousin telling me 'chond, chond' and I couldn't make out a thing. He was asking me to listen to some 'sound'! I didn't even understand which language he was speaking.

WhatsInAName said...
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WhatsInAName said...

You are getting there :P
But you need more practice, attention, observation skills, creativity and imagination to be a good mind reader lololol

Sho shweet! This post

Something to Say said...

I luved this shory!!

Usha said...

ahahhahaha....I hope you remember to put his fox on his feet before he goes to school. You must tape all this and play it back to him when he is old - otherwise he will never believe he said all this.

Hip Grandma said...

that was a nice way of asking for the 'red riding hood' shory.keep it up sonny boy.your parents did the same to theirs1

rbdans said...

The shory was sweet :)
You, the mom needs to jot down every word coming out of Sonny boy!

Suki said...

sweetums of a story, it is.

And Sonny boy seems determined to make Mamma a good student again :)

BTW thanks for dropping by my blog, in case I forgot to mention it before!