Thursday, August 2, 2007


Let it up slowwwwly, right. FINALLY, you managed to do it right!

- C'mon shift gears! How much petrol do you think you're wasting?
-Why on earth do you want to shift to 2nd and 3rd? You think you're going to train for F1?

-DON"T try to avoid potholes. Get into them, big or small, never mind if you jerk around a little.
-Don't you have eyes in your head? Couldn't you see that HUGE pothole?

-Swerve! What do you think the steering wheel is for?
-Don't swerve like that! You think you're riding a two -wheeler?

-Come left! You'll get stuck behind that lorry. Come LEFT!! Never mind that there is a vehicle, put your indicator on, he will move accordingly
-Why did you come left/right? Can't you see that vehicle coming behind you? You have to make allowances for EVERYBODY, you're the one who'll have to pay for the repairs, not them!

-Don't overtake! What is the tearing hurry?
-Overtake him, can't you? Don't we have to get home, ever?

-Go faster.
-Don't go fast!

-Go slow. SLOW! You have a problem following instructions?
-Why aren't you moving?!

-Keep the window open. You're not an expert!
-Keep the windows closed. Learn to look at your rear view mirror!
-Didn't you see him?! You have to look out of the window too, the rear view mirror won't show everything!!

-You can drive later, its raining/we have to park, you can't take it out yourself.
-Why do you want me along? Take it out yourself, can't you? You anyway don't bother to listen!

So, am I being unreasonable when I say I wish the guy would MAKE UP HIS MIND about what I'm supposed to do? And he thinks I have a problem following instructions! This is no driving instructor, but the dearly beloved.
And these are just a few of the driving-up-the-wall comments/instructions I can remember. There's loads more, but the human mind is conditioned to forget distressing moments, isn't it?

After all, I don't want to end up divorcing the guy, do I? Grrrrr!


Poppins said...

If there's one thing I have learnt in life it is this. NEVER LEARN TO DRIVE FROM THE HUSBAND.

Period. Get yourself into a driving school pronto and save your marriage :)

Just Like That said...

Poppins- The husband and I learnt together from a driving school, some 5 yrs back. But since then, he's been constantly behind the wheel, while lazy me enjoyed being chauffered.

Recently, decided that for Sonny boy's sake, had to start driving myself, so took to the roads, however wanted Hubs beside me for some confidence in the initial days.

Incidentally, our test inspector told me 5 yrs back that I drove better than my husband. A fact I fling into his face ever so often ;-)

Keep thinking I need to start driving on my own, but haven't gotten around to it yet, tho'I'm not too bad driving with the husband by my side, driving me nuts!!

dame's diary said...

I soooo agree with poppin's mom.
I don't drive when hubby is around.

Driving a car is no fun when someone next to you is driving you nuts ;)

Swati said...

Your fault chauffered when he
is with you.
You know men have this feeling that they are better drivers than women. So you can't help it will be men !!!
What more ..if you tell them the same things ..they will tell you to keep shut..I know driving ..don't speak in between or I will loose concentration.

Asha said...

hehehe! Thank God I already knew driving before marriage and MC learned it only afterwards. So he never got to advise me. And I drive only if he is not available. I guess that is a wise decision! ;)

Rohini said...

Errrr.... I am kind of the backseat driver in our marriage so this post could well have been written by my husband....

artnavy said...

i saw my mother in your husband and my dad in you...LOL

Something to Say said...

Agree whole heartedly with poppins. NEVER LEARN ANYTHING FROM HUBBY. At least you can slam something on the driving instructors head.... you'll probably think of your son before doing that to your hubby ;)

WhatsInAName said...

Like you, me and hubby learnt driving together and we both drive each other nuts :)
Tit for tat

~nm said...

The biggest mistake ever..tryign to learn driving from hubby dear! BIGGEST one! really. I realised it long ago in just one class and then I never bothered him again to teach me driving. :D

upsilamba said...