Friday, August 10, 2007

Kiddyspeak again

I can't help it. Sonny boy persists in coming out with these treasures.
And I really would love for all of us to have a laugh together when he's an adal, at all the things he uttered when he was a kid.

The other day, we were driving along, when we saw two trailers, carrying new cars. Since Sonny boy is quite attached to his vehicles (their tyres to be exact), pointed this not-oft seen vehicle out to him.
"Sonny boy, see this is a trailer. See how huge it is..? It is carrying cars to the showroom, to be sold."

Sonny boy looked raptly, noting the big big tyres the trailer had.

"See- in the first- Hyundai the second, Maruti Alto..."

Sonny boy nodded. And then exclaimed in delight, "Amma, WooWoo! Amma, WooWoo!"

Before you think he was in seventh heaven over a quite extinct Daewoo somewhere, No- he had just caught sight of an ambulance on the other side of the road. Not with anybody in, thankfully, (it always distresses me to see ambulances waiting for a passage) so the sirens were off, but Sonny boy had caught the light on the top. And was delighted to see one on the roads.

"Yeah, Sonny boy, WooWoo it is."


Dunno why, but things that were learned are being unlearned. Nowadays, anything ar, he pronounces as ra. He used to say it correctly earlier, work was work, park was park.
But now,
"Amma, you have wrrokkk?"
"Amma, after you finish wrrokkk, can we go to the pprakkk?"

"No, Sonny boy, we can't go to the prakk, its too drraak!

Like Usha says, maybe I should just record some of these. He's never going to believe he said all this!


upsilamba said...

lol!!! :)

Everytime I hear you guys talking about kiddyspeak, I can't help but long for my lil one to talk.
He is 16 months and not even Amma yet. :-(

Just Like That said...

Upsi: Ahhh! the joy of "Amma" is quite something else, tho'
And you have all that and more ahead of you...:-)

Something to Say said...

how cute :)

WhatsInAName said...

Oh well!
I wish I had recorded all these years back :(

So sweet!

Hip Grandma said...

Did you take him to the praaak finally or was it too draaak?Wish my children could return in time.

Hip Grandma said...

I remember commenting on your previous post.can't see it now?

Just Like That said...

S2S:- :-)

Win: The Acha has recorded the praaak and the drraaakk. My poor son is going to squirm one day, before he laughs at the wonderful nonsense he used to spout..:-D

HGM : No, it really was too drraaak, you see, :-)
Which comment/post? All my posts are still there, and I haven't deleted any comments either.

dame's diary said...


Squiggles Mom said...

It's wonderful that you are recording these. I can't wait for Squiggles to get going.

rbdans said...

wrrok and prrak. ha ha.
Reminds me it has been a while I have reorded D's musings :)

Swati said...

yes..record this ..good idea :D

GettingThereNow said...

Can't go to the ppraakk 'coz its too ddraakk...