Friday, August 24, 2007

Of girl things...

I am not a lady. As in, I do not indulge in those ladylike things. Bangles, bracelets, chains, make-up, ear rings, nose rings, anklets....But I have a wonderful curiosity about these things and love to see women accessoried properly and looking really good, like you so often find on the streets of Bangalore.

I'd compare myself to them and end up feeling a frump. Which was ok when I was married, sans kid. Because my husband fell in love with me when I weighed 10 kilos more than I do now, and looked well, younger, but the same, more or less. So I had no fears that he'd wander.

But I wanted Sonny boy to be able to compare his Amma without finding things wanting... So I took up some old habits which I'd left off. I started painting my nails again. (Of course, I had quite a selection of colours thanks to my hoarding tendencies.) And when I paint it on, Sonny boy almost touches his nose to my nail. He's that entranced to see the brush glide smoothly on..

He loves to see me apply lipstick. And as I have explained to him that all these are girl things, he earnestly queries,
"That is girl, Amma?"
"Yes, Sonny boy, this is a girl thing. Not for little boys."

He looks on while I apply a tiny bindi.
"This also girl, Amma?"
"This also girl , Sonny boy."

He is not allowed anywhere near my contacts, tho' he would love to poke his inquisitive fingers in.

Little Peeping Tom refuses to go out of the room sometimes while I change, and stands there unblinking. I wonder what goes on in his little mind then. But Amma has lived in hostels and is a pastmistress at the art of changing dresses with zilch free show. So I indulge him some days, while some days he is pushed unceremoniously, protestingly, out.

After I'm dressed, I bustle around finishing last minute tasks. And then, I'm all ready to go. But not quite.
"Amma!" very authoritatively. I turn enquiringly.
"Your dupatti! You put your dupatti, Amma." Comes trailing my dupatta behind him.

I make a face at my husband. Certainly my son is his father's son. The only difference being that Sonny boy dares where Accha feared to tread.

"Thank you, Sonny boy." And I drape the duppatta around my neck casually.
"Not like that, Amma. Like this..." And he proceeds to demonstrate.

Finally I am ready. One edge of the material decorously covering one breast and the other covering the other breast. What the...!!!

On second thoughts, he isn't just his Accha's son.
He is his Ammamma's grandson to the core. Bah!


Poppins said...

ROFLMAO That was hilarious. Are boys all like that then??

Moppet's Mom said...

Oh boy oh boy! Obviously he's not comparing you to the hip young things on the bangalore streets....! :-p

Kodi's Mom said...

:) my son loves the whole tirade of watching me wear jewelry... but he's yet to 'correct' me.
so you started wearing makeup and dressing up pretty so he won't compare you to other well-dressed females?? lost me there....

Just Like That said...

Poppins: MIne sure is!

Moppet's Mom: Nope. He compares me to his teachers who wear them like that :-p. They make him do h/w and so do I!

Kodi's Mom: not really. But polished nails were a weakness of mine. To this date, I love a pair of well manicured hands and feet. So I thought I'd give my drooping vanity a boost. :-)

Random Vignettes said...

awwww...look u have ur own little tyrant who instructs u on how to dress..
that is so sweet!!!

WhatsInAName said...

I have seen my BILs son correcting me too :) So I know what your sonny boy must be upto !!!
My daughters are no less. They would come up and comment... mama, you look better with bindi!
Child is the father/mother of man/woman!

Usha said...

Very sweet.
As for his insistence on "modesty" he is already a man? My son used to insist that I cover my leg - he did not like me wearing skirts and showing my legs!!!

Daisy said...

Totally unrelated comment- Happy Onam to you :)

Something to Say said...

how very sweet.

supriya said...

hey i still havnt stopped smilin after reading ur blog ;) watch out 4ur sunny boy cud turn out to b like my bro(17 yrs) who is still on a hunt aftr my mom(46 yrs ;) ) about how she should dress n hw she should style her hair n hw she get rid of those!!way to go sunny boy!!!!!!

Swati said...


Ohh but..I can see my future ..with papa so particular about my clothing , I can imagine the son ..oops ..and he also stares when I change..:P He loves to play with my bindi too

Just Like That said...

RV, STS : Hmmm. not very sweet, when I DON"T want to wear my duaptti like that!

Win: :-)

Usha: Lol! Dunno whether I'm better off or not...?

Daisy: Thank you , and a very happy Onam to you too. :-D

Supriya : welcome to my blog. *shudder* Even if it is with dire forecasts of me having to revolt against my son and go about the way I please! :-) Your poor long suffering mother! 46! Ask her to get him married, then prob, she can breathe free'er. The wife will find a way to manage him. Like I said, Acha doesn't dare to dictate terms...LOL!

Swati: Be prepared. Read Supriya's comment and be EXTRA prepared LOL!

timepass said...

sonny boy seems to surely know how to dress up mama!!! LOL

supriya said...

well don ya doesnt have to b tht dire as thrs sumbody who still cares 2c hw u luk at 46!!!!shudnt u b rejoicing :p !!!!

Minka said...

ooh ! me too ! I am chased with my "dupatti" when I get back from office. He seems to identify the undonning of the said garment to mean closure of the portals to the great outdoors .For here onwards , amma will get into her drab frumpy nightie and he can forget going out for the day !

the mad momma said...

tagged! and hell.. my son still floats in while i bathe so i dont know what to do...

Just Like That said...

Timepass: Welcome to my blog. He sure does.

Supriya: Now that is looking at things the half full way. Certainly I shall rejoice :-D

Minka: Sure knows his Amma, he does. 'the lure of the great outdoors' LOL at his logic.

TMM: Will take up your tag after I do Poppins' on Indian writing.

Vidooshak said...

That was a surprise. Hmmm. So non-wandering pati are not motive enough to get up and paint nails but comparing sons are! Hmmm

I must use this information while I con Amateur Abe into accepting that her pretty eyes need contact lens. Not different different types of frames! Didn't know Cubby would be my trusted ally in this mission...

Very funny post, as always.

Just Like That said...

Viddoshak: A pleasure to see you here. Give Abe an extra big hug from me while you're about it.;-) Hope the little one's thriving. When is Abe coming back to namma Bengaluru?

Vidooshak said...

Problem with blog comments, unlike Orkut scraps, is that you need to come back to read the replies!! There's no problem in coming back, except I usually forget what post I commented on... even if I am on the correct profile.

Don't you agree?

Anyway, Cubby and Loiness are expected back only mid-Oct. I am available for free food invites till then.

Vidooshak said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I do hope Blogger figures out a way to sync comments back and forth.