Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My son wanted to know today while praying- Amma, where is Baby Rama? Why is there only Baby Krishna, where is Baby Rama? Answers, anyone?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sometimes I do feel that I ama misfit in my office. Everybody creates such a hue and cry over their day's work. Whereas I do what little work I have with min. shouts and gaalis and exclamations and .... Is it that I lack the passion? Surely not. Less forceful maybe, but then I have always preferred to be assertive rather than aggressive. In my profession, however, the latter is the way to be, I guess. Time for me to switch?
As it is, I rue the fact that my home is a flat and not a house- with a little garden in front and maybe acouple of trees in the backyard... Too much to hope for? Maybe.. , in these days of soaring real estate prices.
But it surely is not too much to hope for that I won't have to stare at a blank wall when I open the door to my balcony? Yet that is what i have been reduced to.
There is this neighbour(not yet moved in) who's built a house in front of our flat. He may be a nice fella with a lovable family and all that. But what I can't digest is the fact that the roadfacing side of his house is a series of blank walls, for three floors! And on the other side of the road, is our flat, with the result that now when I open my balcony door, I can stare at a big grey expanse of wall!
What kind of a person is he, to have absolutely no windows on the one side which would let in air and light into his rooms? He's got windows on the left and right sides of his house. On his left, if he were to stretch out his hand, he could probably touch the outstretched hand of his neighbour- that's how close the houses are! On his right, as of now, he does have some open space, but I do wish he had some windows on the side facing our flat as well.

I joke with my husband and say tht he probably has a young wife and he's afraid of roving eyes alighting on her from the balconies opposite. But it sure does jar, right now- that grey wall

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Om ganeshaya namah

Nothing like an auspicious start.

Was just going thru Abha's blog and really enjoying her jottings and wishing tht I had mine to look back upon..
When I decided- what if my baby's 3 yrs old, there are loads of experiences still to write on
And that's when I decided to start this blog