Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back to school 2012.

It seems like I opened my blog in the last decade. Forget blogging, I don’t think I’ve had time to even breathe properly in the last few months. Shifting  house, shifting roles at work, finding new maids.. you name it, maybe I’ve had that stress the last few months.  Work has been crazy, with increased responsibilities, travel every week , maybe more ….. The only respite has been that in the first month of my new role, Sonny boy was packed off to his Ammamma’s and in the second, Ammamma came back with him.

School started 2 weeks back, bringing with it the usual things to get hyper over. Sonny boy who thoroughly lazed his hols away was exceptionally reluctant to get back to school routines, especially with me (bad cop) being absent almost a couple of days every week.  This weekend was the first that I’ve sat with him with his books, with the result that tempers got frayed on both sides. I’m the bad Amma, who yells at him, who doesn’t allow him to watch tv, forbids games on mobile fones, grounds him… It’s infuriating - when Acha scolds, Sonny boy accepts that he’s done wrong, but when I scold, I’m ‘ALWAYS scolding!’ Huh?  

His attention span has decreased abysmally, and I put the entire blame on his tv watching. Not just tv, the child doesn’t do ANYthing that lets him exercise his brain or brawn a bit. Its always staring spellbound at the tv, or the laptop or the mobile fone. Cartoons, or games. Where the thinking, the action, is already laid out, and he just has to inertly lap it up. And I’m the only one to make an issue of it. The Acha joins him on the couch and fights for the remote. Long back, I’d written a post on how the tv had slowly become my souten. The damn tv is now coming between me and my son! Gah!  I think, if I divorce the Acha, one reason would be his encouraging the child in these activities. I’m becoming increasingly resentful of the fact that I’m perceived by Sonny boy to be the spoilsport who never has time to play games. That I’m the one who always takes him to task for things big and small. Or forces the Acha to take him to task.  

Sigh, I got sidetracked.  I started writing, thinking I’d blog today about Sonny boy, who told me mutinously that I was always scolding him while I never scolded Trinity. I replied that that was because Trinity was more obedient than him, she gobbled  food down the minute it was set before her and didn’t make me tell her some 20 times to eat her food, she didn’t watch tv  at all, plus last, but not least, she didn’t go to school and didn’t have any homework that she was too lazy to do. Ha!