Monday, October 17, 2011

Letting go....

I am a bit overwhelmed myself at Sonny boy's Mondays.

Morn- 7.45 am - leave for school.
Evening- 4 pm- come home, gobble up milk and snacks.
4.30 pm- skating class.
5.30- music class
7- tuitions (with a snatched half hour of playing in between)

Phew. So much to do for a 7 yr old.

His music class is in a neighbouring complex across the road.

That road is a rather busy road, with vehicles from both complexes jostling each other at the last stretch. While there were boys his age who ventured onto that road, and the store on it sans adult supervision, Sonny boy was not allowed to do so. One of us always goes to pick him up (who gets to go has been the cause of many a marital quarrel).

Today I was a bit late, and when I reached the gate of the neighbouring complex, Sonny boy was standing fidgeting there. As I took his little hand in mine, he told me with a mutinous look-
Amma, I've been waiting here for so long, I want to come home alone from now on... You don't need to come up to pick me up...

I felt a little tug at my heart and I told him -
ok, Sonny boy, from the next class you can come by yourself.

No. Not from the next class, from THIS class....

And he pulled his hand from mine and walked a little behind.

The little tug got bigger, but I walked on...
and then I looked back at him and smiled and held out my hand- Come, sweetie pie, next class you can go and come alone.

The little 7 yr old in him must've felt the tug, for he smiled his boyish smile and ran up to hold my hand. And we walked back together.

Don't let go so soon, my son, stay a little boy some more time....