Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanking 2 good friends.

Blogs are wonderful, yes! No doubt about that. But they can give you totally unexpected punches sometimes. When you're least expecting it.

Refer this post of Kiran's. I laughed so much at Krish in it, and showed the post to my husband, knowing he would immediately identify with the little brat. He did faster than I expected though.

'running through the aisles between display like Raikkonen on fifth.'
He reached here and said,
"Who's this? Sensible woman. Watches F1."
and looked at me challengingly.

I looked squarely back at him, thinking in my mind- " hmphf! Raikkonen I know too. Even if I hate the dratted drone of F1!"

Husband is not my husband of 7 yrs for nothing. He looked at me assessingly and went on reading,
'by the end of the 15th lap, he went in for a pitstop'
and said excitedly, "No fluke here, the woman DOES watch F1. See! And here's a you, who doesn't even like the sound!! He looked at me in utter digust.

Thanks, Kiran.

And then, there was this other post by yet another pal of mine. I agree with everyone that IPL has changed cricket into a toally different ballgame. Made it entertainment and all that jazz. Madam WIAN goes to see the finals of the IPL. And blogs about it in gusto. Read all about it here.
The husband remembered that I was laughing about it the other day.And said-
"another friend of yours goes to see cricket in the stadium. You can't even watch it from your house! She's so enthu about partnering her husband, and you??"
Looked at me in disgust again.

Thanks, WIAN.

Some more reflection by the husband. Then,-
"didn't you have another woman who was in Switzerland or something?"
Yes, I do have a woman in Switzerland,thanks for making me sound like a I-dunno-what. He was referring to good ol' Boo He went on to say with a vicarious gleam of anticipation in his eyes-
"Switzerland's hosting Euro this year. Ask her if she's anywhere near it. She can enjoy some great matches."

Yeah right!
You hearing, Boo? You still have 4 weeks left before li'l Pinocchio makes an appearance. *evil grin here*

Glad at least SOME of my blogger pals will refuse to give ammo to the husband.

PS. Hubby and I did go on to laugh at Krish after all this.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Every man for himself.

Some days back, the Acha was teaching his son all about relationships.

Acha: Sonny boy, who is your Acha?
Sonny boy: You.
Acha: Very good.*Clap clap clap.*

Acha: Sonny boy, who is your Muthash?
Sonny boy: Muthash is at Cochin.
Acha: Very good. *Clap clap clap*.

Acha: Sonny boy, you know, Muthash is Acha's Acha...who is my Acha?
Sonny boy: I know my Acha. You stu know your Acha.
*Gets up and walks off*.