Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the love affair has begun!

He'd run for his life behind Ammamma's sari when she was loose...

He used to leap onto the sofa and then lift his legs also way out of reach of (offering a cute bum just in front, to) a delightedly seeking nose...

He'd fall down at a jump from her...

He'd always go to the other end of her mouth and pat her tail, automatically making her turn around enquiringly as to what exactly he intended doing near her backside!

He'd scream that she was eating him up, whenever she used to give an affectionate/mischievous nip/nibble at his bum (the most accessible part of him- you think its like how we humans pat a cute backside?)

He's come a loooong way!

Now when we enter the house, he longs for her to jump on him. She though, is ultra caring and never jumps on him the way she launches all 30 kgs of herself on us! So he jumps around saying, "Amma, let me stand in front of you.."

He goes around nosing her out, the way she used to him, once upon a time.

He discards the sofa for the floor beside her.

He puts his face near hers, and looks deep into her eyes.

He puts his ears to hers, and does googly-woogly-woosh with her jowls.

He just doesn't leave her alone!!!

They're in love. My son and my dog.

And they're a treat to watch!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, its a brand new year again. Lets hope that this year, the highs are more than the lows.

The year is starting out with something I had wanted for long.... a dog in my home.

It had been one of my biggest guilt trips that every time I brought my Mom over to Blr to look after Sonny boy, another poor darling was left to stay by herself. That's our dog Trinity. She was brought by my husband from Blr on my insistence (pregnancy will indeed get you anything from the husband)for my Mom who after Dad's passing was left all alone in the big house.

She came and before I could train her, Sonny boy popped out. If you didn't know, in my parts of the town, a newly born mother has NO rights. She's not to sit, not to walk, not to read, not to do anything to amuse herself, in short. Only lie in bed, feed the baby. lie in bed, feed the baby. lie in bed, feed the baby. But I digress. So a newly born mother certainly had no rights where a wee little puppy was concerned. From being the sole occupant of my lap, 1 yr old Trinity went to being outside the house, for she was not yet toilet trained, and Mom wouldn't HEAR of her letting loose all those 'germs' on a newborn. Oh, she was looked after, but she was not fawned over in the way all puppies deserve.

Later whenever Mom came over to B'lore, Trinity was always left behind. We had a caretaker at home in Kerala who would give her her food and stuff, but again, it was only the basic necessities that were taken care of. Not my idea of how to bring up a dog. But beggars cannot be choosers, and my job did not leave me time to look after my baby the way I'd have wished to, let alone a dog in the next state.

And then, Trinity grew up into a fine adult dog, much more than Mom could manage on her own. I never got around to training her, and tho my BIL did a decent job of getting her to listen when he was around, the minute he vanished Trin was her mad self again- running wild with chappals, floormats, spoons- any odd thing that looked like it was wanted by us, and which would get us running ater her when she got it into her mouth. She used to create a royal ruckus and always get banished, but that didn't dent her enthusiasm for running-under-the-table-with-treasures one bit. If charis got knocked over in the chase, it only made her grin more widely. Gradually she grew maturer and Mom grew older and less able to manage Trinity. She found the strain of looking after a big untrained dog too much, she started thinking that it would be better to give her away to a family that would care for her the way she should be cared for. Maybe a family with younger members in the family.

To cut a long story short, I managed to convince Mom and the husband that I could look after her, rather than have her given away. Sony boy was old enough now to take care of himself around her (well, not quite! in her joy at seeing him when we went to bring her over, Trinity knocked him down to the ground and dampened his enthusiasm quite a bit) Luckily our current maid who looks after Sonny boy in our absence, agreed to look after her too. So last month, a 6 year old golden brown labrador made her way to B'lore.

Now there...

Now here!

Happy New Year to you, folks!