Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting started with the second R

Dear Daddy,

Are you watching and listening up above?
I’m sure you are. I so wish I could see you too tho’. See that smile again.

I got the mail today telling me that they’d liked me and my writing enough to consider offering me a job on contract.
Do you hear, Daddy?
I have not felt so much of a sense of achievement at signing up any of the corporate deals I have in my career so far. While all of that has been my effort too, and some of them have been particularly praiseworthy, that has been using my company’s (whichever I happened to be in at the time) products. This is ALL MY OWN.

So- I can actually write and make money. Not much. Actually peanuts, if you consider that I won’t have much time at my disposal to send them too many articles, but what the heck- it’s a start! And then, if I have enough peanuts, I can make peanut butter!

I feel like writing and writing and writing to you …as I used to do. But I shall stop here for if I get started on everything else, it would be difficult to stop.
I rang and told Mummy that I had some good news, and the contained excitement in my voice made her ask- have you got another job?? LOL. I told her its even better than that.

I just wanted to share this so with you, cos my love for the language is something that you inculcated in me. I wish you were still on this earth.....