Monday, August 24, 2009

row row row your boat, comforbatly on...

Sonny boy has always been pronouncing his words most funnily ( now I know he's not specially amusing, ALL kids do it, to a higher or lower extent)

It started when he was a toddler and could just lisp out the words,

Lorry was Rolly
Potato was Topato
Elephant was Ephilant
and so on...

It produced paroxysms of mirth from me, which the Acha sternly disapproved of.
He believed I should not be laughing at the child so.
But it was of no use, I was unable to resist being entertained by Sonny boy.

His vocabulary grew to include

and Mavaya (for that guy Mayavi who comes in Magic Pot)

It amazed me the way syllables that were not there so easily fell into place.
He was entirely comforbatle (in his own words) with his language. And I continued to enjoy him.

Until now, when he's learning his spellings, and learning to read.
and I realise-

that he THINKS of the words thus.

He spells hospital as h-o-s-T-i-p-a-l! The puh after hos just doesn't exist for him!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

a tail tale!

Ever since the outbreak of chicken pox, Sonny boy has been extra taken with the Goddess Durga.

Her 1000 arms, and weapons from all the Gods and her prowess and strength ..all that have made quite an impression on that impressionable young mind, and Tales of Durga are one of his favourite ACKs to listen to at night or whenever.

Since he's started learning to read simple words at school, I try to make him read word that he can while relating stories from whichever book.

Yesterday was Durga again, and we made him read the title
Sonny boy: talus? questioning tone and look.

At which the Acha who was on storytelling duty yesterday, corrected and told him it was pronounced Tayles.

At which he turned to me and delightedly exclaimed, "Amma, Durga has tails also!!!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

break point

People, especially close relatives should know where to draw the line.
Where they (their far from pleasant doings) stop being ignorable and start being positively abhorrent. Where their self centered doings affect the life of their relatives adversely.

And when they don't, there is, I believe, a time for keeping quiet and a time to open one's mouth. While I don't find it pleasant to be rude, its better to have someone else stew (if their thick skin will allow that) than stew myself.

It is unbelievable how self centered some people can get. How much of sponges they can be! How oblivious to all except their pleasure. How uncaring of others' sacrifices.

One of my prayers to God, is that we always have enough to be able to give to relatives needier than us. So that we can give freely without feeling deprived ourselves. But this is to those needier than us. Not to those as well-off or more so than us. A line needs to be drawn, methinks.

How much can one take? and for how long?

Right now, what someone is doing goes against all tenets of decency. It raises my hackles to even think about it.
I just want that person dissasociated from me.
No matter what!
Enough of putting up a facade, or keeping quiet for the sake of a loved person.

This feeling has always been there, sometimes peaking, sometimes lying dormant for the last 9 YEARS! In the last couple of months, happenings have gotten totally out of hand. Matters can only be stretched to a point. After that it has to break. That's what I learnt in Physics!