Monday, February 4, 2008

And its a sixer again!

This weekend, I'd been house hunting, and probably due to the dust, was down with a sore throat on Sun, along with fever. Found there was no Crocin in the medecine box, no Sinarest either, so went to borrow one form my neighbour. It was about 8.30 pm and there was a lovely, cool breeze outside in the corridor, which was an open stretch.
Sonny boy came running along delightedly after putting on his slippers, as the said neighbour happened to be the mother of two of his favourite cohorts.
Just outside the door, he stopped and gasped at the wind which gushed in strongly through the open door.
"How nice and sunny day, elle Amma??" He opined delightedly, hopping along holding my hand.

Well, I know his playschool has taught him the funda of sun and moon, but they've certainly taught him something more....that 'nice and sunny' is associated with something very nice and enjoyable indeed.


~nm said...

I am sure you must have been quite amused hearing this coming from his mouth! :D

Chakoli said...

My first visit to ur post....

Actually weather is alwaysss so delighting.....even if u lack wrords...the feelin inside is so soothing that .......Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....u simplky feel wonderful man!!!!