Tuesday, February 5, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things....

Hmmm... Choxbox tagged me with this post on a few things that are close to my heart- material things, that is...

Spent a couple of days thinking on this post. Sentimental me had quite a lot of things that I have hoarded over the years, for their emotional value. But finally, narrowed down on a few things in chez moi that are treasured- some handed down, some that have travelled with me over a few years, some that have just come visiting recently.

1. An old, old, old copy of Fitzgerald's Omar Khaiyyam in translation. Its a red hardbound copy, with pictures of the Sultan and his ladylove drinking their wine, and when I was a child, I loved this book for the unique pictures. Now I treasure this treasure for its verses,(one on each page) for its antiquity and the most of all for the fact that it was my Dad's.
I also have a tattered book of Sonnets from the Portugese, again with those lovely pictures and those LOVELY verses, again my Dad's.
My Dad was quite a romantic, wasn't he? :-)

2. I have saved quite a few of the chits my husband (then best friend) and I used to pass in class during boring lectures. These were then kept as a memento of the good ol' fun days at University. Among those chits, I also have the first ever 'I love you' chit he wrote to me (when that particular sentiment started colouring our friendship). This was after we'd finished our course, but we hadn't yet faced up to the fact that maybe we were missing each other so much because we were more than just friends?
The wonderful fellow left it for me on my chair in class, and one of the juniors found it (!!) and came and gave it to me in the hostel!!!!
I also have all the cards and letters we sent each other- mine as well as his, as well as all the gifts he gave me.

3. I have all the diaries I started and left unfinished. Some of them make me laugh at the girl I was, and at the things that mattered to me. And it makes me so wish I had been more regular, those memories are quite priceless and sometimes when I discuss them with my family we have such a lovely time going over those old days and laughing.

4. Silly, but I have kept the first certificate I won for short story writing. I won it when I was in the 5th std, I think. I treasure it for it was one of the first acknowledgements I got for something I love- writing.

5. I have kept a few of Sonny boy's first clothes when he was a baby. Seeing them brings nostalgic memories of how very small he was... and wonder at how much he's grown... is growing..

Choxbox, thank you for this tag, I loved mentally going thru the knick knacks in my home, it brought back so many memories.
In my turn, I tag, WIN, ~Nm, and Abha.


Choxbox said...

Nice read!

As someone said, we are all more similar than we know :) I also have my babies first clothes and first locks of hair that were cut, as also baby tags put on them at the hospital and the like.

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet! Lovely lovely!

So you were a child prodigy!!

Suddenly I am looking around at stuff that I have treasured and *snif
I can't find a single thing *sigh

Chakoli said...


A very cute decsription ....

That shud be fun na...passing on chits...:PPPP
we used throw...paper rockets to each other, when teacher was busy writing something on blackboard:-)))

HEy I liked it... the 1st certificate u got,it, and indeed its a thing to be proud of:_))


dame's diary said...

Baby clothes hmmm!I have a box full of it! My baby is going to be 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhatsInAName said...

hey JLT :)
That post was radiating nostalgia :) Even before I started reading, I knew you would include many a books, the literature lover that you are!
Thanks for the tag and yes, I will immediately start working on it. I need an oasis in that desert of mine called blog :D

Choxbox said...

Tagged again!

Swati said...

NICE ..but you have another tag waiting :)

Just Like That said...

Choxbox: :-) some things are the same the world over...

Veens: LOL C'mon, am sure there must be SOMEthing..?:-D

S: Thanks,:-)

Dame: LOL! Wonder if your Mom has any of your baby clothes...? ;-)

Choxbox, Swati: Its raining tags in blogdom!! :-)
Swati, WHERE are you? I don't find anything under 'swati' when I check. I lost my phone, so have lost your no too. Hope you had a wonderful time holidaying..

WIN: I shall soon take a stick to you... :-)

Maggie said...

That's the sweetest memory tag I've read in some time! Put a big smile on my face.

Gauri said...

Tagged ya JLT. Since you said *sigh* the working class !! I just decided to give you some more work to do :-p

Daisy said...

hey- where r u? everything ok?long silence?

Just Like That said...

Moppet's Mom: Glad to do my bit to make you smile,sweetie.:-)

Gauri: Yeah, some things backfire, I realised.

Daisy: :-) yup. work, no maid, cold, cough, fever and a bloody dratted sore throat that makes me wish I HAD no throat!
But otherwise, OK. :-D